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I had a bixy done 2 weeks ago. For the last 4 days, I've been feeling a slight pain below my lower right chest. It feels like muscle ache when I move. But now, it's more like a constant burning sensation. Could it be my liver? I'm worried. My bixy results revealed Fibrosis stage 1 and inflammation grade 1. Doc wanted me to wait for another viral load exams in 3 months time before starting treatment with Hepsera(adevovir). Should my eyes are constantly hurting and red in most cases. Is that one of the symptons? If that
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If you have fatigue and burning eyes there is a good chance you have allergies. Ever since I have been using a nasal allergy spread my fatigue got better and a whole host of other symptoms went away.

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i am not sure about allergies. I think it is worth it to try the spray. What is your sleep pattern? Do you get a restful sleep? How many hours do you get a night
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NO you cannot use spray nasal things that easy, be very carefull most of them contain steroid it will worsen the HBV DNA.
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Who told you that??

Topical steroids are fine with HepB/C.

Injected steroids may be a problem.

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What is the use worrying about what is causing the fatigue?

Will it go away if you know for sure it is from Hep B?

Irrespective of why you have fatigue, you should spend your time on resolving it.

I posted you a link that shows various methods.

The only drugs that may work are SSRI antidepressants like Prozac or Paxil.
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well, if fatigue is caused by Hep b then it won't go away which is really depressing. tried every possible thing to reduce it but no reults achieved. that is topped off by lack of sleep which makes rather worse. I am not sure if all hep b carriers experience what i have.

for god sake i just wanna feel normal at least days a week.
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