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Can HBV's carrier take Collagen Type 1&3?

Hi Guys,
Ive recently started to take collagen type 1&3 supplement mostly for my joint pain but the overall effect in the body is really positive. (hair, nails and skin as well)
I assumed it was something natural that it already contains in our body just as in lower levels as we start to get older.
The other day I decided to research a bit on hbv and collagen and it turns out that there is a lot of research about other types of collagen (there is at least 16 types of collagen) that can potentially cure chirrhosis or even lead to liver injury, but I couldnt fine anything related to HBV and collagen type 1&3.

Very confusing ....but like i said above, there are lots of different types of collagen and they each can influence your liver in a different way. (i think mostly because collagen is a protein and proteins are metabolized by the liver)

In any case, does anyone know if it safe for hbv carriers to take collage type 1&3 supplement daily?
(Im only seeing my doctor in a few months)

Here is some info about my current state:
Have been on entecavir for the past 2 years, my liver enzymes are balance,HBV DNA has been undetectable for the past 2 years and no liver damage.

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