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Can HbsAg harm your liver?

Can HbsAg ( the surface protein ) harm your liver, even with HBV-DNA undetectable?
I am asking this because even my ALT (26 ui/l) and AST (17 ui/l) was like this in past 2 years my fibrosis score got worsened ( ARFI score increased from last year 1,34 m/s (F2) to 1.71 m/s (F3).
Other tests: GGT - 10.72 (0-55)
Alkaline phosphatase - 46.85 (40-270)
Total bilirubine - 1.03 ( 0.20-1.20)
PLT - 214.64 (150-450)

I m waiting for HbsAg quantitative , last year was ~ 25.000 ui/ml.


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Do a search in the forum, there are few cases like your.
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I ve got my hbsAg quant:

18517.37 ui/ml.

Could this drop to be the cause of liver fibrosis?

Another result came today:

Serum Albumin : 5.7 g/dl. (3.5-5.2) bit high, strange.

PLT: 222 (150-450)
INR: 1.15

Still waiting for some good answers...could’t find something similar.


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Good day. Hbsag going down maybe due to your body naturally eliminating the virus. When virus is eliminated, liver cells will also be damaged and that's probably the cause of fibrosis. Virus is living in liver cells, when immune system attacks the virus inside the cell, the cell will be damaged. You may take selenium to increase apoptosis or normal cell death to avoid cancer. You may take also natural immune booster supplements to help your body eliminate the Hbsag totally. I already eliminated Hbsag years ago and now I have reactivated antibodies (anti-hbs) which is natural protection against Hepa B. I was chronic Hepa B probably since birth since it is transferred from my mother. If you need details you may message me directly.
God Bless.
This was the question: does the surface proteins stay in the liver cells (hbsag) or only the core of the virus(hbc)?(which is undetectable due the antiviral treatment).
Can you answer to this?
Is it .. naturally clearing the virus is possible?
If yes will it give negative results by damazing liver cells
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