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Can I get HBV this way?

Hi  everyone. Im a 20 year old male. 7 days ago a prostitute made a ******* for me, in a condom. But when I came home (15 min later) I found a little scratch on my penis, clother to its head ( on the outer side of penis). The problem is that I dont know, if it was made by prostitute's nails before the ** or by her teeth in the process. I dont know if she had bleeding gums or something like that, but I didnt notice any blood on the condom. When it was finished, the condom seemed okay, I mean the sperm wasnt going from it. But I'm not 100% sure, as it was dark there, so maybe there was just a micro hole in the condom. As I got home, I've put some liquid soap on the cut, and there was mild pain for a couple of seconds but then it was OK. Now, the cut is almost invisible.
So could I get HCV or other illnesses from this contact? Im worried now, please give me an answer.
Ps: sorry for my English
Btw if I get vaccinated against HBV after 8-9 days after the potential risk, will it kill the virus ?
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Answer me pls
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Anyone know?
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as far as i know, if you have low immune system, you might be infected with STD's like Hepa B, HIV etc.

my partner is hepa b positive, we found out last january 2015 and its already in chronic stage. so i thought i was already infected, but god is good i was not infected and i did the tests twice.

if you want to make sure, you can have tests for hepa b or HIV or any other STD's.
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very unlikely, like 99.99% that you didn't get hep b, hep c or hiv.
Get tested 3 months after the incident just to be 100%, but your chances are extremely low of catching any of the above 3 viruses, so you can relax now...

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Thank you!
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