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Can Tenofovir induce thrombocytopenia (ITP)

Hi folks,
Hope everyone is doing well. For those of you on Tenofovir(Viread) do you know if this med can induce thrombocytopenia? I've had up and down (less than 150K) platelet count in the past but never consistently lower than the normal range. I've seen a progressive decrease since starting Tenofovir in 2018.  Would you suggest switching to entecavir just to see if the platelet count would rebound?
Switching  to TAF wouldn't make much sense since Viread and TAF are of the same drug class.

Please advise.
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Monitor for longer period. Do u know your baseline levels before starting the treatment. For now nothing to do. Switching to taf is a good option but not the same as tdf. Taf has got better liver penetrance and persistence, lesser toxicity.
Entecavir is near equal or inferior to tenofovir. Stick to one primary drug.
Do not experiment with your primary medicine. U can do with other options like herbs and traditional medicines.
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Scary.  My father had MDS that formed into luekemia.  Not a good outcome if medicine causes bone marrow issues
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For now, my doctor Hepatologist and Hematologist do not seem too concern about this.  My Hematologist said  this happens all the time with you start Viral and you may have to switch med or decrease the dose. For now i will not sweat it. Thanks for the reply.  
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