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Can someone help with HBsAb measurment units?

My friend says her results for HBsAb is 48.2 U/L
but what is that in mIU/mL??  
My results are 3726.04 mIU/mL is this too high??  how do I convert to U/L?
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Yes, it does seem very high.
3726.04 mIU/mL = 3726.04 IU/L
    48.2      IU/L     = 48.2  mIU/mL

Greater than 10 IU/L (10 mIU/mL) is considered to be protective.
if 3726 is too high, what is a normal range??
I am not aware of a normal range for anti-bodies. Anti-bodies are only produced by the immune system in response to presence of the corresponding antigen (e.g. in the virus). It normally wanes in the absence of the antigent.
My understaning only.
I think it's because I just had the vaccine so maybe that's why. I don't know.
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Convering from IU/L to mIU/ml gives the same result as the number you are converting from. This is because to convert to mIU/ml from IU/L you would have to multiply both the numerator and denominator by 1000, and these numbers cancel each other giving you the same result.
Converting from mIU/ml to IU/L gives also the same result, though in this case you divide both the denominator and numerator by 1000; and they cancel each other as before. So, as Stephen wrote: 48.2 IU/L = 48.2 mIU/ml
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