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Can you get Hepatitis B this way?

I'm vaccinated against hepatitis B, but yesterday I had to handle secretions (saliva and a little blood) to a patient with hepatitis B, knowing that the infection is through blood, needles, sexual relations, I use 3 gloves in my right hand (a glove on the other) because I had a small cut on my finger. Despite the use of gloves and the fact that Im vaccinated, is there a risk of transmission?. I'm anxious, thinking this all the time, please someone can tell me if should I worry.
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Have you tested your HBV surface anti-body level??
If the level is positive, you are completely immune from the HBV.
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ummm this is a joke right?
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I hate it when people don't make the effort to educate themselves. Instead, they put so much effort into paranoid acts and paranoid fears.

Don't nurses and lab technicians get educated about all these things?
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