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Centenarians have good Vitamin D receptor or take vit d3 supplements


Centenarians have good Vitamin D Receptor genes (or take lots of vitamin D) – March 2016

Impact of vitamin D receptor polymorphisms in centenarians
Cristina Gussago , Beatrice Arosio , Franca Rosa Guerini, Evelyn Ferri, Andrea Saul Costa, Martina Casati, Elisa Mariadele Bollini, Francesco Ronchetti, Elena Colombo and 3 more
Endocrine, pp 1-7, First online: 08 March 2016

Vitamin D is a seco-sterol produced endogenously in the skin or obtained from certain foods. It exerts its action through binding to intracellular vitamin D receptor (VDR). Lately, the role of vitamin D has been revised regarding its potential advantage on delaying the process of aging. The aim of this study was to assess the contribution of VDR gene polymorphisms in healthy aging and longevity.
We evaluated the frequency of four polymorphisms of the VDR gene (FokI, BsmI, ApaI, and TaqI) in centenarians (102 subjects, mean age: 102.3 ± 0.3 years), compared to septuagenarians (163 subjects, mean age: 73.0 ± 0.6 years) and we analyzed a variety of pathophysiologically relevant functions in centenarians. BsmI and ApaI provided a significant association with longevity: there was a highly significant difference in the frequency of

BsmI genotypes (p = 0.037),
ApaI genotypes (p = 0.022), and
ApaI alleles (p = 0.050)
in centenarians versus septuagenarians. Furthermore, we found a significant correlation of all the VDR gene polymorphisms in centenarians with some measured variables such as

hand grip strength,
body mass index,
blood pressure,
HDL cholesterol, and
mini-mental state examination.
We also found a correlation with the prevalence of medical history of

acute myocardial infarction,
venous insufficiency,
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and
In conclusion, this study proposes a new scenario in which the variability of the VDR gene is relevant in the aging process and emphasizes the role of VDR genetic background in determining healthy aging.

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i guess 23andme.com covers also vitamind receptor vdr.

i had my BsmI tested for gcmaf and it is moderately good, Bb, while i am missing ApaI genotypes  and ApaI alleles.i ll check if 23andme covers that but anyway i ll have my optimised vit d levels all my life
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