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Chronic HBV and depression

Hi everyone!
Do you people or some of you have depression?
Does chronic HBV have correlation with depression?
I am a chronic HBV from birth and I experience depressions, I do socialize with people but many times feeling not good and experiencing depression. Its difficult to express what i feel when i am depressed but really nasty staff.

Thank you!
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Hi Koozich
I experienced severe anxiety and depression 4 years ago, did not know i had  hbv, i came to know about my hbv infection last  year (February).
My anxiety was triggerd by certain stressful events, anxiety led to depression. A book by Paul David "At last a life" pulled me out of dark place.
I used to feel very weak, i am active cyclist, could not cycle for almost a year.
I started  taking entecavir in February. Currently i feel good, though anxiety and depression visit me, they  do  not last long, Paul's book has taught me a lot.
I think any chronic   illness (whether you are aware of it or not) may be causing depression, as our  body doesn't  feel  healthy, this sets in a low mood.
A good diet, exersice, medicine and awareness will help live a depression free life.
Currently i do cycle regularly, need to improve my diet little more and give up  one addiction that i have.
One has to accept and learn, that way things will become easier.
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Hi SphereAj, thank you for sharing your experience! I will definetly check the book! Thanks! I restarted to exercise slowly slowly, lets hope for the best! I will do this month blood tests, and check my liver. Btw, I am also cycling, i plan to cycle now with my fiend 300 km in 2 days. All the best for you my friend!
Wow nice to know that you too are a cyclist
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