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I just got my blood work done for immigration to America after recently being married. my HBsag found to be re-active with 3550 patient rate. I then went on for in depth tests like my LFT all 9 yards were normal in that ALT 21 and AST 17. HBeAg -ve, ANTI HBc Igm non-reactive, ANTI HBe +ve and qualitative PCR detected. Am concerned about two things. First my health. Doctor said i need no treatment but i'll remain carrier. I can not pass this on to my unborn children. Secondly, my immigration does not seem possible with HBsAG +ve. Can it ever be -Ve??? My husband (although immunized) is at risk of getting the virus from me?? Please Help me with the answers.

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I immigrated to usa hbsag+ 14 years ago without any problems. Why do you think there is an issue with immigration?
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Because that's wat my husband told me. Also it's been 14 years since u migrated may be policies are now changed or more strict. Well what about your disease? is it a silent virus? Please share
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The following are the communicable disease of public health significance and are health-related grounds for inadmissibility to US -
    Tuberculosis (TB)
    Granuloma Inguinale
    Lymphogranuloma Venereum
    Hansen's Disease (Leprosy)
    Quarantinable diseases designated by a Presidential Executive Order. A few current examples include cholera, diphtheria, plague, smallpox, yellow fever, and SARS.
    Public health emergencies of international concern (PHEIC). A few current examples include currently polio, smallpox, and SARS.

HIV used to be on the list but it had been removed in 2010.  

I suspect your husband confused it with vaccination requirements.  I think HBV is on that list.  I think I just told them I had been vaccinated against all of the required maladies, end of the story.

As far as my case of CHB, no treatment had been recommended until the last week bloodwork results came back with ALT twice the upper limit.  I need to see my doc to discuss the options.  
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Thanks for sharing. I'll what can be done. I came to know recently that it BBC can be cleared completely. I need to go for my quantitative pcr first to check for my viral load
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hi, just want to know kung same lng sa Us ang health significance and are health-related grounds for inadmissibility to Canada? Im waiting for my positive result LMO, and im worried na baka di ako pumasa sa medical for my working visa application sa Canada just because of having HbsAg reactive, im a healthy carrier. Hope you can answer me.

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I am not familiar with the Canadian immigration laws
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