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Chronic fatigue

Hi everyone

I want to share my results after 1 month detection of hepatitis b
GGT 136.51
AST 55.68
ALT 54.58
AFP 1.29 ( <20ng / ml)
HBeAG NEG S/CO = 0.424 (S/CO < 1)
HBV DNA Taqman NEG <=250 (<=250 copies/ml)
                            <= 2.40 Log10 (<=2.40 Log10)

With result above. Doctors said that now I just need to treat liver enzymes. No need to continue drinking the drug for hepatitis B. If lucky, it will disappear after 1 month.  Is it right or wrong? Can you please answer me about this? I still worry about my condition. Fatigue still occurs  makes me very uncomfortable. How much percent my body can clear the virus?

Thank you very much
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change doctor immediately

what is hbsag quantitative and fibroscan which are the main tests for hbv status?
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@stef2011: This is my first tests:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-B/Question-about-test-results/show/2241614#post_10763837. However, I have not checked with fibroscan for this test. I think I should test for the next test because my liver enzymes are too high. But I have a question, my HBV DNA is Negative. What can I hope with this result? Usually, how long it will have a positive test for a person infected with hepatitis b?
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