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Chronic hepb , f0 fibrosis , hepatitib viral load 210.000.00 ml/u, no treatment

Chronic hepatitis b , f0 fibrosis, 35yr , hepatitib viral load 210.000.00 ml/u, no treatment.
Told doctor I want to wait treatment. What do you guys think base on my viral load ?
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No way is this any advice.  I m just telling you what I would do.  My way may not be good way to go

For Me, I would wait.  But I would check maybe every other month for 3 months.  Guild lines call for >20000 if hbeag + and > 2000 if e - .  210,000 seems very high.  

I read in hep b connection that some had millions and even billions.  It’s a treatment for life.  Wish you the best
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Yes I told the doctor I want to eat on treatment, and she is willing to accept my decision and willing to monitor me every 3 months.
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