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Chronically hbv infected

My first time viral load for hbv is 18890 IU/ml. Doctor prescribed me tenofovir 300 tablate. How much could have virus affect my liver. I am male 33 years old. How long life can i expect
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Don't get unnecessarily panic. First, as suggested by your doctor, take medicines and bring the HBV DNA level down (at least < 2000 iu/ml). You have not mentioned about other medical test reports like LFT, Ultrasound of liver etc. I hope, those ones should be ok. While you take medicines as suggested by your doctor, you also check your vitamin D level. I am sure, it would be insufficient. Improve the same by taking medicines. Check if you have fatty liver. If yes, then check your cholesterol level and control the same if needed. Drink green tea two times. Don't drink coffee and tea for the time being. Avoid outside foods and take homely foods. Eat papaya. I hope, my inputs are valuable.
Thank you sir for response

Following are my the test
SGOT  72
Bilirubin 1.2 mg
Blood urea 28 mg
Blood urea nitrogen 13.08 mg
Sr. Creation 0.99 mg
Ultrasound for pelvis including liver is normal
HCV negative

Thanking you
Looks good. Just follow my inputs given earlier. Thanks.
Should I test for hepatitis D also. Tell me name of test and where to do it. I am from Maharashtra please reply
Why Hep D test? It's not required. Just take the medicine and control the HBV DNA level to < 2K iu/ml. This is very imp now. Rest can be done later. Don't worry. You will be completely alright. Amitabh Bachchan is also Hep B carrier. At his old age, he can control everything. Why can't we control?  
Before starting treatment 8 months ago my test for hbv dna was 18600 iu/ml, LFT sgpt 64 and sgot 72 slightly abnormal, ultrasound normal

I am taking Entacavir 0.5 mg from last 8 months. Now my hbv DNA quantitative is undetectable, LFT test is normal, ultrasound test is also normal, till Hbsag test showing positive

My question is that is it necessary to test Hbeag  ? Please reply
If you are E Antigen +, then check it every year to see if you are seroconverting. Right now stay on the medication so it can control the disease. If you go from E Antigen + to -, then your body may be able to control it. If you are E Antigen - right now then you may need medication for life. Some people try to come of the medication and do good, some dont and have to start again.
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