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sorry for the incorrect wording.what is the chance of getting the licking (oral sex) hvb? the bacteria in your mouth block the virus? no blood only oral sex (licking). i look in the forum for a similar case but can't find it.please someone answer.
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You aren't getting any answers to this so I will try to help.  Hepatitis B is spread through sex but giving oral sex to a woman is more of a theoretical risk. Hep B is spread by blood, semen and vaginal secretions.  Most would say that it is pretty unlikely you would get Hepatitis B from giving oral sex.  Everyone should be tested though from time to time if they have different partners for sexual activity.  And you might consider getting the vaccine to protect yourself.  

Here's a copy and paste of how people usually get Hepatitis B:

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by a virus that is spread through blood.  Listed below are the most common ways hepatitis B is passed to others:

Direct contact with blood or infected bodily fluids
Unprotected sex with an infected partner
Shared or re-used needles (for example, sharing needles for illegal drugs or re-using needles that are not properly sterilized for acupuncture, tattoos, or ear/body piercing)
From an infected mother to her newborn baby during delivery

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