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Drugs development against hbv

Below is a hbv drug watch from the HepB foundation website. As you can see, there is no one working on drugs that aim to target the cccDNA directly, at least from this info. I'm not any expert, but it seems to me very strange when the researchers know the cccDNA is the genomic reservoir that keeps the chronicity of the disease, yet, no one is researching on how to hit the cccDNA directly.
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You're right, ARC-520 isn't in that list but are targeting that. They're also the ones saying that cccdna must be targeted, which could either be a true or false statement.
The company that was researching on ARC-520 and ARC-521,  Arrowhead,  announced on November 29, 2016 that it had discontinued development of ARC-520, ARC-521. The company continues to develop ARO-HBV, which is a follow on investigational RNAi therapeutic against chronic HBV that utilizes the company's next generation, proprietary subcutaneously administered delivery vehicle.
Also even if they attack the cccDNA successfully, there is the integrated HBV-DNA that has been inserted into our own genome in the hepatocytes and has now become part of our DNA. It is really hopeless situation how this hbv virus has taken total control of our system. I don't even think the much dreaded HIV virus manages to integrate itself inside the human dna.
Considering the complexity of the hbv infection, CRISPR may be the only solution to  beat the virus; but CRISPR is probably decades away from being successfully used in medicine.
I must also say I'm missing the analysis of our own experts in this community regarding the ongoing research on HepB. It is quite long time since I've read any post from members like Stephen, Stef, Aduski, Studyforhope and others. I hope all of you are doing fine guys.
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In last 3 years, after i found about my hbv i didn’t saw nothing notable against the virus. Only replicor, but it’s taking ages ....
Hope all of users are ok!
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Even if cccdna incorporates in genome there should be another mode of action on hbv like plasma DNA. They are developing drug against hbsag formation. Lowering these two parameters can lead to reactivation of immune system and may be it can recognise the complex cccdna embedded cells and clear them. Though the hope to complete cure is very hard but atleast functional cure should be sought at. Yes I too am seeing no major advancement in hbv tech and everything else is just sounding like flock of geese with no meaning and output.
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