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Eating Cereal every day seems to help.

I have noticed that when I eat cereal like corn flakes my condition seems to improve. I recently learned that corn flakes and other cereals contain polyphenols which are good.  Has anyone ever noticed that cereal helps?
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not healthy at all, polyphenols good for health and liver are in blue berries and berries in general fi you want a superfood
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It’s also full of carbs, which could factor into fatty liver.  Not saying it’s bad for you, but I don’t think it’s all that healthy either.

If it works for you that’s great.
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It's better to get the viral load down using food that helps. Carbs is not important factor. It is more important to get the virus out your body. In fact, the virus affects the liver and the liver is the major organ that burns calories. Many people gain weight because of hepatitis B. So eating cereal that contains polyphenols that kills the virus is better than not eating it.
Hey Quincy - I would agree with FingHB that eating Cereal everyday is probably not the best diet as it's full of sugar, sodium, iron and etc.. You need to have a well balanced diet - fresh foods as much as possible. Polyphenols can be food in high quantity in berries - Blueberries , spices, Nut , flaxeed and etc.. you don't need the extra carb in cereals.
Brohim. Thank you for responding but I really think you are missing the point.
I understand your concern about calories and sugar and all that. But I dont think you understand that there are elements in the milk and in the cereal that kill the virus. It is better to kill the virus and eat a little carbs than to eat no carbs and have the virus levels high.

Polyphenols are very powerful against hepatitis B.  Lactoferrin is also known to kill hepatitis B virus and it is abundant in milk.

I never used to eat cereal or drink milk in the past. I introduced them into my diet and I am seeing benefits. I think you are focused too much on sugar and carbs. Everything should be done in moderation.
Hey Quincy - If it's working for you, by all mean please keep it going  and good luck. I clearly understand your point. Are you on treatment and do you take any supplements? Hopefully the benefits you're seeing isn't just a natural evolution of your immune system against the virus - viral load goes up and down all the time as you're already aware from reading several posts here. Some foods are a major source of free radicals and should be consumed moderately and sugar is not our friend or anyone 's friend for that matter.   God bless...    
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