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Entecavir + Interferon combo

Dear all,

     I have been on Entecavir 0.5mg for over 6 years and my HBV DNA is nearly undetectable.  I will see my doctor tomorrow and what tests should I perform so as to assess whether I will benefit from the Entecavir + Interferon combo treatment (i.e. higher chance to achieve Hbsag seroconversion.)  Many thanks.


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6 years of usage but not Undetectable? I thought you have to be undetected in 6 months. Do you mind sharing your latest lab result starting with HbsAg (iu/ml), HbeAg -/+, HBV DNA and Fibroscan?
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Yes still detectable, last HBV DNA was about 180 copies /ml.  I am HbeAg+ and have not tested for HbsAg quantity.  Fibroscan done a month ago and will see my result tomorrow.
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detactable hbvdna after 6-12 months is failure of the antviral and add on of tenofovir or tenofovir switch is needed.i hope hbsag lowered even if hbvdna was detactable

if you add intf you can keep etv and see results of this combo, please let us know after 6years intf should work on hbsag
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Should I do some tests e.g. hbsag quantity, hbv genotype etc. to assess my successful rate before I start etv + intf combo?
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Yes, I also thought etv is not effective for me but my doctor (as my previous post mentioned) advised me to use entecavir 1mg instead of adding on tdf.  I will see him again tomorrow and don't know what to do.
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no increasing etv dose is useless, 1mg has even less potency than 0.5mg on latest reports and doesn t work to prevent resistance, it really makes no sense
best option is 6months of combo etv+tdf, if hbvdna becomes totally und etv can be discontinued

unless your doctor has benefits from the drug maker to prescribe etv what he says makes no sense, tdf is more potent, no resistance, cheaper and same effect on kidneys function as etv

or you may try intf+etv 1mg, intf should work on the partial response of etv and little hbvdna detactable might stimulate intf response more

yes make tests to check for resistance mutations, genotype, hbsag quantity, whatever the results i d try intf anyway unless we find a very high hbsag up to 10.000-20.000iu/ml
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