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Entry inhibitors show promise as drugs

Entry inhibitors like REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B are promising as they are the only drugs that offer a complete CURE for Hepatitis B compared to immune modulators like Pegasys and Anti-virals like Entecavir... I think more research and concentration should be diverted to release inhibitor drugs as they seem to be promising and appropriate....
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I read somewhere that they may not allow those drug to come to market until 2017 when the patent of Viread and Barculade will expires. Don't know how far this is true and don't know how effectives are REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B also.
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effectives are REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B also.

they are the first cures for hbv, there are no other drugs, this will tell how they are acting blocking the marketing of these products.

they also have no toxicity and much more safer than all the other drugs for liver disease (calling them hbv drugs is very wrong and just mmisleading to sell those drugs).as you know the sides of:
entecavir, possible cancer promotion, possible virus mutations/resistance
tenofovir, bone mineral density, kidneys damage

i have noticed replicor has only private investors, nothing from drug makers.if we all start donating small amounts (we are millions of hbv carriers) we might even buy the company and make drug approval in asia and then ship the drug worldwide......

by the way do not send money to hbv foundations, they just steel money without any help to get these drugs
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make drug approval in asia and then ship the drug worldwide......

of course just a dream but not totally impossible, facebook and youtube can do miracles like this....
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REP 9AC is now believed to inhibit the release of HBsAg from the infected liver cells and Mycrludex, on the other hand, is an entry inhibitor.

You can invest in Replicor, minimum amount is 25,000 Canadian dollar (50,000 is the preferred amount).
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Sounds good, but can it be achieved in reality...Replicor have been quiet recently. Anyone with any update from them?
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You can invest in Replicor, minimum amount is 25,000 Canadian dollar (50,000 is the preferred amount)........

oh my 25000 is really a lot, as investment it can only work if they dont care about US market and FDA, since FDA just preserves US drug makers intrest and will never approve it

on the other hand US is going bankrupt and asia getting rich, in the near future china/india may become the richest in the world (if not already) and also the most intrested in hbv cures, so also drug investments should go to asia soon

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Does anybody has contact info for the REP 9AC and Myrcludex-B people...email, phonenumber etc. We can call and contact them and see how to carry the campaign for it. I can't believe, there could be a cure for an infection and some people will just keep it away, allow people to die just because of monetary gain.
Why is minimum investment that high? 25,000 or $50,000 CD is a lot of money?
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How much clinical trials do we have for these drugs also? How successful are they?
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i think 2 clinical trial in india paid by researchers...not even the company because of luck of money
they choosen the worst candidates with hbeag pos and very high hbvdna.hbsag cleared and hbsab antibody as early as 7 days and as late as 15weeks.

a combo of antivirals will make this a bomb because it is possible to have hbsag mutants so it must be comboed interferon or nucs

no sides reported, i think hbeag negative needs to be checked, they only had one in the trials and it didn t respond
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Replicor is not listed on the stock exchange, therefore it raises fund its own way. It is not structured to deal with small investors. My understanding is that, the company is funded entirely by its investors many of whom are scientists.

Replicor's website site is: www.replicor.com.

Mycrludex is from the research lab of Prof Stephen Urban:

Stephan Urban
Head of Hepatitis B Research Group

Phone: +49 (0)6221-56 4902
Fax: +49 (0)6221-56 1946

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guys in india too MNC pharma's has strong presence. Ranbaxy-daichi,piramal-abbott and so on. Last week, in business line daily, they published a detailed report about drug prices in front page itself. The shocking news is that immediately after the every greedy-MNCs acquiring indian companies, they steeply  increased the drug prices. So the Government here considering to control the prices by restricting the doctors to stay away from prescribing the brand name, and instead govt ask them to notify only the chemical  compound in prescription. So you can get prescribed, say for if fever, only paracetamal instead of crocin or some other brand.

The only  pharma companies in india without foreign players' influence are Cipla and sun. Probably they can try.
It's highly unlikely to get approval of some sure-cure drugs like  replicor in US I think. But it's not a big issue to conduct trials here and get approval. But again it's not a simple process.
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Nothing is a simple process unless it is handled in the right way....$25,000 may be a huge amount for one HBV carrier but very minute for 3 billion carriers world wide...It is not a bad idea to stimulate a campaign and push the companies to approve the drug in Asian subcontinent....If we succeed in it I can say we are just fast forwarding our struggle to seroconvert in no matter of time...When there is a will there is a way...when we know that something that is going to cure the disease is available we should not waste our time and bang our heads discussing about Immune-modulators or Anti virals....I see so many people desperate to get rid of the disease...I feel it is time to take the steps leading to cure instead of struggling.....After all it is one life,let's strive to make it better by taking better steps and decisions....
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Thats crazy, we can get this out to the public easy with the help of these companies with hard facts of results
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we shall write to this guys (REP9 AC - guys  and Myrcludex-B - guys ) and suggest to put a donate button on the website (e.g. with paypal) and we shall donate all of us. For us main thing is to get well and not to become invertitors, so, we can donate and also we can promo the website on national forums dedicated to hepatitis.
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Yea I emailed them questioning why donations are limited to 25k, theres 400million people with hep B. If everyone donated 1 dollar a day, they would be getting more then enough to speed the process up
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I will write also a email and I think that most of us should write a email to prove that it mater for us. also some emails should to be write to other doctors (e.g. pissa - italiy, hamburg - germany, or france, .... ) so maybe who has some email addresses should posted on this tread.
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we should make a youtube/facebook page with their email address and a standard letter so that even those with bad english can easily send it

after all it is very easy and among all internet forums in all countires they can get at least the money for the trials in india.

to tell you the truth i'd be more than happy to pay myself for my trial like i m doing for gcmaf...they may use the same strategy researchers used for gcmaf

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42 million Indians carry Hepatitis B virus: Experts

indian alone can get millions of US dollars just with 1 dollar donation......china has probably even more carriers
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I would donate as much as and as often as I can for the cure of this dreaded disease.
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Yes we can contact them and ask them to speed up the process.....I think donations from India alone can buy the entire company....ultimately what matters to us is the cure but not some guidelines by ******** organizations like FDA or any....country like USA which is on the verge of bankruptcy has no right to influence drug makers worldwide,its domination will soon become history....as steff said,lets take initiative and spread the message across using twitter, facebook or any other medium....I appreciate stef2011 for his trials and sincere efforts in posting the facts and guiding the community....I think its time to realize and stop shooting in the dark and aim direct to the target....We need not fill our stomachs with nitazoxanides and fill our veins with Interferon Injections when we know that an appropriate drug exists....
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I would donate too.
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Be reasonable guys! REP 9AC is not yet a drug - we don't even know how it is delivered to the body. It is certainly not in a pill form. I believe it is delivered at the moment through infusion. The company is not after donations, it very much likes to be taken over by a big pharma. 25,000 will buy you a share in the company.
If you guys are serious, you should form an association, collect donations, then invest in Replicor. This has been done by other groups with incurable diseases. The investment has risks.
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you should form an association, collect donations....

yes that would be the best option, CFS researcher made the same thing since many governments are trying to hide XMRV virus which is actually more spread than hiv and a real cause of aids.

by the way is rep9ac compound public, if there is apatent it should be?if so any advanced biolab can make it like it happened for gcmaf, especially where there is no patent coverage.if the compound is secret the only way is invest in the company
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what we know for sure is that toxicity of rep9ac is less than current approved drugs
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