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Entry inhibitors show promise as drugs

Entry inhibitors like REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B are promising as they are the only drugs that offer a complete CURE for Hepatitis B compared to immune modulators like Pegasys and Anti-virals like Entecavir... I think more research and concentration should be diverted to release inhibitor drugs as they seem to be promising and appropriate....
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I read somewhere that they may not allow those drug to come to market until 2017 when the patent of Viread and Barculade will expires. Don't know how far this is true and don't know how effectives are REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B also.
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effectives are REP9 AC and Myrcludex-B also.

they are the first cures for hbv, there are no other drugs, this will tell how they are acting blocking the marketing of these products.

they also have no toxicity and much more safer than all the other drugs for liver disease (calling them hbv drugs is very wrong and just mmisleading to sell those drugs).as you know the sides of:
entecavir, possible cancer promotion, possible virus mutations/resistance
tenofovir, bone mineral density, kidneys damage

i have noticed replicor has only private investors, nothing from drug makers.if we all start donating small amounts (we are millions of hbv carriers) we might even buy the company and make drug approval in asia and then ship the drug worldwide......

by the way do not send money to hbv foundations, they just steel money without any help to get these drugs
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make drug approval in asia and then ship the drug worldwide......

of course just a dream but not totally impossible, facebook and youtube can do miracles like this....
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REP 9AC is now believed to inhibit the release of HBsAg from the infected liver cells and Mycrludex, on the other hand, is an entry inhibitor.

You can invest in Replicor, minimum amount is 25,000 Canadian dollar (50,000 is the preferred amount).
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Sounds good, but can it be achieved in reality...Replicor have been quiet recently. Anyone with any update from them?
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You can invest in Replicor, minimum amount is 25,000 Canadian dollar (50,000 is the preferred amount)........

oh my 25000 is really a lot, as investment it can only work if they dont care about US market and FDA, since FDA just preserves US drug makers intrest and will never approve it

on the other hand US is going bankrupt and asia getting rich, in the near future china/india may become the richest in the world (if not already) and also the most intrested in hbv cures, so also drug investments should go to asia soon

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