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Exhausted Immune System HCC Liver Cancer Prevention

Hey everyone,

Studyforhope had mentioned that the immune system is exhausted because of the Hepatitis B virus. We all know that the Immune System plays an important role in fighting cancer cells.

Does it make sense for everyone to take a low dose of anti-virals to help the Immune System and prevent cancer? We now have many people who have been taking these meds for many years. Its the only thing that can really help slow Hepatitis B.
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taking tdf helps prevent hcc but if hbvdna is already less than 10iu/ml it helps little.vitamin d3 daily keeping vitd25oh 90-100ng/ml also helps a lot and vit k2 mk4 45mg daily (if k2 mk7 can help hcc as well i don tknow, no studies on it that i know)
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