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FIBROSCAN in bangalore?

Hi All,

Is there any hospital in bangalore to go for regular chek ups of below tests?


Please suggest..
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Manipal hospital has Fibroscan but its quite expensive.
HBVDNA, HBEAG, HBEAB and HBV GENOTYPE- these are offered by many labs such as Lalpath labs, SRL, Metropolis, and Reliance. You can choose.

HBSAG Quantifiation- still there is no reliable lab who does it correctly by Abott method, one lab does it by CMIA method, but doctors told we can't rely on it.
Fibroscan is done in NN Institute of Gastroenterology , RT Nagar, Bangalore once or twice a month....cost is 3000/= or so
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Visit asian institute of gastroenterology it has some distance but it is cheap and have good doc.
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Hi varsa..

Thanks for suggestion. Fibroscan is also there in AIG??
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Hi Vasra,
I checked Fibroscan in AIG. It's not there.
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Have u consulted to dr mr nageswar reddy. Elastography is the other name of fibroscan u consult with reddy
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Ok, Thanks Varsa.Just I had enquired them over the phone regarding availability of Fibroscan. I will consult them.
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Hi Varsa,

Today I went to AIG and met Hepatologist Dr. P.N.Rao. I think he is senior most Hepatologist in AIG Hyderabad. He said as I am inactive HBV carrier with undetectable viral load and HBeAg-, HBeAb+ with normal LFT results there is no need to go for Fibroscan. He suggested me to check up only once in a year as everything is good with me as of now and no need of any medication.

He also said there is no use of going for Fibroscan if Viral load is undetectable.So, I didn't go for it.

So, I think I can relax for one more year till my next check up.

Thanks for your recommendation to AIG. It was nice experience.
Hi. I see that you mentioned this in 2015. I would like to know how your condition is now? Are you still inactive? Are you on any medication?

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Thanks for sharing your experience. It will help to other community member
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Ram u should have gone for fibroscan or biopsy.. Coz hbeag- patients are more proned to proceed to cirrhosis or hcc than hbeag +ve.
Myself was mildly elevated alt (40-50)with low dna but still I went for biopsy coz the hepatologist said it. The reports showed significant inflammation and treatment with tdf was initiated.
What is TDF?
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Most of the docs overlook hbeag- and I too have some like this who consider it non hostile which is a myth
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Yes, I was also thought of going for it Jatashankar, Doctor said it's not required as I don't have any Viral load in my blood and I don't have any symptoms of liver disease.Without prescription, Fibroscan can't be done at AIG. It was the problem.

I will have to find some place where they will be doing Fibroscan without Doctor's prescription.
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Yes u should do it. There are a lot of centres in country to do it and costs around ₹4000-5000.
Hepatitis b doesn't manifest symptoms but does it at only advanced stages of cirrhosis and fibrosis. Liver doesn't shows it's damage through signs or symptoms except in advanced diseases. U can only check that through biochemical and histological checkups.
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Yes jatashankar is right. U should do fibroscan. Best place of treatment in india is ilbs delhi. U can consult there of possible
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