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Fatty and enlarged liver for taking baraclude


I am an hep b patient diagnosed in 2003. I am taking baraclude 0.5mg for more than  5 years. My new blood test and ultrasound shows that i have fatty and enlarged liver. My enlarged liver is now 4cm big. ALT is 48( normal range 0-44). My doctor told me not to worry about. He told me to loose weight and eat more green vegetables and fruit. My weight is 204lb and height is 5'8". Sometimes i have upper back pain overall i am pretty healthy. I am just wondering is this is side effects for taking baraclude? I am now freaking out...Any suggestions please
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no it is not a side effect from baraclude, hbv infection itself makes fatty liver and especially vitd25oh less than 30ng/ml (optimum level around 100ng/ml).without vit d the liver develops fibrosis and fatty liver even with no hbv, and also kidneys work 50% less

this is the supplements and religious diet regimen to clear fatty liver in a very short time
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also, at your weight and height, checking with this official calculator :


Your BMI ( Body Mass Index ) is 31 . obesity starts from 30 .you have to follow what stef recomanded as soon as possible
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how your blood tests look like after 5 years on entecavir ? hbvdna i guess undetectable , hbsag quant ? ?
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i didn t read it all with a bmi of 31 that s the disease, with bmi>25 one cannot be healthy, all organs get damaged by fat more than hbv or viruses.

so what i did may not be enough, i was bmi 25 and got bmi 22, i think a lot of gym (i suggest swim) may be needed, but i am sorry i am not expert on overweight and how to lose it, we have good food in italy and bmi over 25 is very rare, at 25 we are already considered overweight

latest research shows that microbiome, vit d and processed foods/bad quality foods may be the source of overweight.lactobacillus reuteri is considered helpful to get back to balance and lose weight easier and all fresh organic vegetables are a must

as to my experience i never lost any weight with exercise but only by changing to organic foods i went from 74kg to 64-65kg height 176cm
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now that fatty liver is clear from years i stay at 68-69kg always eating no sugars and organic
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I have also sometimes back pain, this might be from virus but not from baraclude, because I don't take any medication
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i don't think that this 2 problems can be related...never heard of HBV to be related with back pain .
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