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Hi Community,
My body often feels so stiff, my muscles ache and the whole body feels as if it is held tightly. Very uncomfortable feeling, worse when I first wake up from sleep, but sometimes also all day long. Am I suffering from what is called fibromyalgia, does hepB cause this disease. I've already read that there are lots of other diseases that are caused by this terrible chronic illness.
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Are you on medication for hbv?
I dont know if hbv causes fibromyalgia.
But i experienced similar symptoms brfore starting v the treatment for hbv. 2 months after entecavir 0.5mg and vitamin d3 supplement (10000iu per day) i started feeling much better.
However if you are on antiviral and you vitamin D levels are normal, then better to check with the doctor.

These symptoms csn be caused by stress, anxiety, bad  diet, less intake of water....
Thanks for the reply. No, I've not yet started on treatment, but I'm soon going to talk to my doctor about starting, because I feel I've to. My age is almost 45, and I'm suffering from various hbv related illnesses like chronic kidney disease, neuropathy, and various debilitating muscle and skeletal problems.
In addition to this, I remember my uncle/brother of my mom, died when he was about 50 years old some 24 years ago from hepatitis, not sure which, but since I'm from Africa, most probably it was hepB. Despite getting modern hospital treatment, he died. After learning about the disease now, I think he might have died of hcc. I've been taking vitd3 supplements and vitd3 enriched milk for a long time, after which my levels came within range. If I start treatment, it will certainly be like yours, entecavir, because my kidneys are already chronically diseased.
@liverpatient what is your hbsag quant? I also feel some of the symptoms you listed and I have 52k iu/ml
*my doctors didn't even have a plan to test my hbsag quantity; it was me who made the suggestion.
I had only once tested my hbsag quantity since my diagnosis two years ago. The test was done a few weeks ago and came out about 17000iu/ml. In other words quite high, that should warrant treatment immediately, in my opinion, though my dumb doctors won't put me on treatment yet. But I'm going to fight them and insist that I need antiviral treatment.
Quite high and warrants treatment if it [treatment] will make you feel better cos wellness is ultimate. I will go for test to determine my baseline and start treatment (entecavir or TNF). If treatment does not yield result after 3 or 6 months, I'll stop. Most of us have strings of malaria in this part of the world (Nigeria) and we rarely even complain. I have psychologically switched that mentality to my hbv case so if only I can feel better I won't be so bothered, I'd just hope for new drugs for cure in 7 years. HBV will not do anything if it cannot do anything. I'm guessing you're hbv und?
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