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Fibroscan F3 to F1 same week results.

Known about hbv for the past 4,5 years.
alt high 80-130 all this time
high hbvdna
Due to some circumsances, I have decided to start treatment now.
I did fibroscans every 6 months which all came f1/f2 (around 7.5kpa)
Last Friday i did a fibroscan in UK which result was first 9.3 kpa, second time was 8.8 kpa with xl probe. (it was done by a nurse) I don't have any other details here. although this fibroscan was a smaller, portable one
Today (4 days later ) i did another fibroscan in Romania which was done by an infectionist doctor and the fibroscan results are: 6.9kpa.(minimal 5.2kpa, maximum 7.7 kpa, median 6.9 kpa) iqr 1.3. Success rate 91%. Valid 10, invalid 1,
I know i need treatment right away, my question is, what do i do, try another fibroscan , biopsy ?
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remember to supplement vitamin d3 10.000iu daily until levels are max normal around 100ng/ml (not n/ml/l) and eat a lot of bluberries this will clear fatty liver very fast.pegintf is a waste of time unless your hbsag is less than 1000iu/ml.go for tdf unless hbsag is very low
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Thank you for your input. I also had an ultrasound done immediately as i got a little worried.
The result was generally ok, The doctor's conclusions were steatosis grade 2. But the doctor did mentioned one thing : She cannot say if it's fatty liver or fibrosis because the ultrasound cannot determine between those two. So it's up to the doctor and my liver tests to determine what it could be.
Anyway, after meeting a nutritionist, i started a diet for my liver. Basically no fats, sugar/ sweets, fast food, fried food, etc. Just lots of fruits and vegetables and grilled chicken and turkey meat. 3 Coffes/ day + tea with lemon both without sugar or anything else added.
My next appointment will be when i'll start the treatment. The doctor said that 3 months with pegasys will be enough to see if i respond or not. We'll decide then if we go with interferon or nucs.
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Whats your HBeAg? I think its better to not to go for interferon as first line treatment if your HBVDNA is very high and your age is beyond 35 yrs. It will be waste of money and time if you don't respond rather you could start with TDF that brings down HBVDNA and meanwhile if you maintain good diet, BMI and FAT %, that also improves your fibroscan score then you can give a try with Interferon. Also, having high alt for longer years might cause more scar to liver, so its needed to bring down the hbvdna and so alt, that happens with tdf
HbeAG is positive, alt 200, very high hbvdna. Doctor said we could try peginterferon for 3 months, since it's 30% chance to prolong long time nucs for a while, if the response is positive.
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actually i prefer tdf, we dont know anything about taf on 10 years scale and its potency on hcc while we know everything on tdf
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do not consider fibroscans done by nurse now and in the future
also be sure to be empty stomach when you make reading and consider that if you are obese or have fatty liver on ultrasound fibrosis is mainly from your metabolic issues due to poor quality food and not hbv
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and of course it is best to get on nucs, tenofovir or taf, as soon as possible.you ll prevent hcc and the cure is close or you might be in the group clearing by 10-15 years on nucs anyway
and as said by mike alt level reflects inflammation which makes fibroscan readings higher
Hi Stef. Quick question- how possible it is to be cured after taking nuc for approx 10-15 years? Even if infected in early childhood???

My doc says its still possible.
I am not sure
nucs rescue tcells and some immune systems are able to lower hbsag and clear it
time to clear hbsag for tdf is 17years for most so we should see a lot of hbsag clearance on many patients around 2025....oh we will have a cure by that time what a coincidence
sunny000, i was told had the infection since birth,  after a decade of tdf, right before age 40, 2% chances, seroconverted, has developed hep b surface antibody.
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The reason why fibroscan is different because of high alt and inflammation. When high alt it effect the result so it could be false positive
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