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Fibroscan Results and ALT Value


Wanted to understand if there is any study which corelates between ALT levels and Fibroscan result. Like if your ALT is below 30 or 20 u/l without any medication, no need to go for Fibroscan...Thanks.
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yes we posted the studies time ago, if alt are high you are probably detecting inflammation too on fibroscan reading, it is a problem for alt over 200-250
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Thanks Stef for your info. Last time(Two weeks back) my ALT was 19 u/l compared to 39 u/l six months back. Doctor said no Fibroscan is required. So wanted to ask. I am not on any medication. HBsAg 4430 iu/ml(6 Months back), HBeAg negative, Normal US results.
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if you know alt are always normal there should be no liver damage but liver damage has been found also in patients with normal alt so maybe a fibroscan every 2 years just for extra safety
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Ok, Thanks Stef.
Today I got my Fibroscan test done. It's 8.1  kpa. Can anyone let me know if it's OK or I may need to start treatment? My HBsAg is 5200 iu/ml.
I'm not sure  100% sure but my husbands was 12kpa and he has stage 3 fibrosis
How about the fibrotest calculator formula anyone?
My test just came back and my AST is 15, ALT is 15 and Platlet is 180. Can anyone help with the formula?
According to your fibroscan value 8.1 you are on F2-F3 fibrosis.

I have done all tests like HBV DNA quantitative which is undetected, LFT are normal. Liver Ultrasound is normal. AFP is in normal range. Only my concern is 8.1 kpa of fibrosis. I am overweight, very near to Obese. Wanted to check if 8.1 kpa of fibrosis is the concern as it comes under f2-f3 fibrosis. Will I get this result as I am overweight? I need your expert advice here.
Your fibroscan value is 8.1 kpa which is due to your weight
One of my friend mother did her fibroscan and result came 10 kpa and all other liver funtion hbv dna were normal.she was 100 kg.dr did not recommended her any medicine just exercise.let me know whar your dr given you advice.
Thanks Varsa for your information. I visited the doctor with all my reports like normal LFT, undetected DNA Viral load, Fibroscan report with 8.1 kpa, normal AFP, normal ultrasound, Lipid profile with low cholestorol HDL Vitamin d of 28 ng/ml and HBsAg of 5240 iu/ml.

Doctor looked at the report and said just forget about the disease now and focus on reducing the weight as good cholestorol level is less.

I asked him about the 8.1 kpa fibroscan value, he said its normal.

I asked about Vitamin d3 level which iw less, he said nothing to worry about.

Please suggest if you have any thoughts or input.
I think you are suffering from fatty liver reduce your weight.your fibroscan value is little high which can be come down to 5 kpa easily once you reduce your weight i am also member in facebook hepatitis B foundation histing by paul Desmond where i have seen lots of person have fibroscan value more than 10 due to fatty liver.some of reduce it to 5 kpa after 1 yr.
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