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Fibroscan Results

Hi All,

I had my fibroscan last week. I thought I would get your kind opinion on this. result is:

Stiffness (kpa): 5.3
interquent range (kpa): 0.9
s.rate: 100%
Valid: 10/10
Examination time: 00:02:33
Examination: Medium

Blood tests (about 4 months ago):
HBV DNA: 1030 IU/ml
AST: 32 IU/L

AFP = 3
ALB = 48
APL = 69
BIL = 25
CAL =2.33
CCA = 2.17
CRE = 65
GGT = 21
PHOS = 0.69
POT = 4.4
NA = 137
PLT = 215
URE = 6.4
WBC = 6.12
UEUT = 3.77

My doctor is not giving me any medication she says it is not needed and disadvantage is higher than advantage.

Do you think I need any medication to help me?
my viral load is gone over 1000 twice in the past 2 years, the highest has been 2250 IU/ml (1 yr 6months ago).
how is my ficroscan result? after reading up on it I think it is between f0-f1. Doctor said result is really good. is it possible to say if my liver is normal based on the above or not?

Thank you very much in advance.
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your doctor is correct disvantage is much more because antivirals have no effect on the hbv virus, they just reduce liver damage but since you have no liver damage drugs would be just toxic for you with no advantage at all
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Thank you very much,
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Hello, your numbers sound as if you have little to no damage right now.  Your doctor is correct, you have some time to do more research, time to think, you do not need to rush in to anything right now
There are many clinical trials on new medications that will have fewer side effects than the treatment does now.
Your viral load is very low, you have little to no damage to your liver.  You are in a good place right now, I would stay there.
Good luck
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