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Fibroscan score

Yesterday i had my first fibroscan which scored 7.56 kpa (f2-beginning f3according to doctor). Do different fibroscans have different scores quantifying fibrosis? Because i have read f2 ranges from 7 to 11 kpa and 7.56 kpa is beginning f2. Do i need treatment? i am 37 years old male fit never consumed alcohol.
Thanks in advance.
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I seem to have same situation with you. my last fibro scorescan last year was 7.3 kpa. I will have another scan in july and doctor told me that if it keeps damaging my liver I need to start medication. we are in grey zone. normally less than 7 kpa is healty liver.
unless you dont have fatty liver most likely it is hepatitis b who demages your liver and need to start medication.
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