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Full of Hope

Just want to share results of HEP B treatment using TDF of my son (now 25 y.o)

HBsAG 43,205.18 IU/ML

Results from TDF treatment

                               HBsAG (in IU/ML)
After 3 months    :  11,570.50
After 4 months    :    6,029.41
After 6 months    :    3,482
After 9 months    :    1,461
After 12 months  :       936
After 15 months  :       928
After 18 months  :       542.21
After 21 months  :       429.87
After 25 months  :       405
After 29 months  :       427.43
After 32 months  :       332.35 (March 2016)

HBeAG still positive

SGPT/SGOT always normal
HBV DNA undetected
USG results: normal
Fibroscan: 5.5

Is it time to add on pegilated? or should we wait till HBeAG turns negative?
Will appreciate your views. Thank you

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i think you can wait few more months to see if hbsg decline stops before add ing peg

or should we wait till HBeAG turns negative?

maybe adding pegintf before hbeag turns negative could be better but i am not sure, i dont think that hbv can mutate to bcp or precore when hbvdna is undetectable

in the meantime check vitd25oh and intact pth and take vitd25oh to max normal 100ng/ml by supplements of vit d3, 10.000iu daily should reach 100ng/ml
Thanks Stef
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congratulation on the results, he s going to get cured anyway even on tdf mono but it can be very slow like 5-10 more years
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Congratulations, very nice results. Not many people get such high hbsag drop on antiviral.
Thanks. Yes we are so happy with the results and hoping that it will continue decrease.
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Are there big changes how your son is feeling,
i mean before and after taking TDF?
Did he get HBV from birth or later?
He says there is no difference. He feels fine so far. We didnot know whether he got it from birth, my wife doesnot have hep B.
Have you ever tested his vit d3 ? Decent level may help a little with fighting the virus.
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