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GCMAF therapy

first low dose 0.125ml, everything ok, i feel nothing unusual

headache or tireness are sometimes reported as the immune system activates at first injections but i felt nothing

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So you can get this treatment done by your request even if is not actuali hbv treatment.?
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Good luck.
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gcmaf is a treatment for immune system disfunction which is present in all cronic diseases (if immune system was working there would be no disease...) so it is a therapy for cronic hbv

as we have posted many times immune system on cronic hbv is absent, there is no immune response towards hbv

the immune suppression is due to the enzyme nagalase on the surface antigen of hiv and probably hbv too.my nagalase was very abnormal, higher than that of hiv and cancers
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I wish you all the luck with thet treatment.When are you going to folow up on thet ?
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Where did you get it? Oral or injection?
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two labs do it in europe and one in israel:

www.bgli.nl and http://www.gcmaf.co.uk/info/ (about same price around 2000euro/24 shots)
http://pps.co.il/ (supposed to be the most potent but too expensive 24 shots 24000euro)

injection (both subc or IM are ok butIV is the most potent)

nagalase can be tested in netherlands only, shiping blood samples to the lab is complicated because it must be frozen and arriva before friday
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end of the day effect, extremely sleepy after dinner.....gone to bed earlier than usual
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Best of Luck Stef.

woudl you mind copying the link for the backgfround of GCMAF Therapy?
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woudl you mind copying the link for the backgfround of GCMAF Therapy?

what do you mean?the link for all the research?

research is on pubmed but all research is linked on these websites


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for all the members, keep in mind that nagalase is linked to both viruses and cancers and that nagalase is abnormal before cancers are detactable so it is a very good tool as a tumor marker

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i have found this study on macrophages and hbv/hcv infections.it explains how these viruses hijack/alter immune responses from the begining, exactly starting from macrophages which are the first step of immune activation or tollerance

another analogy is that the new gilead drug activates tlr 7 receptor on macrophages while gcmaf activates all macrophages receptors.....activation of tlr7 has an effect on both hbv and hcv, on hbv leads to hbsag and hbvdna decrease.

i will ask gcmaf recerchers if it will activate also tlr7 receptor, in this case gcmaf will work even better that the new gilead drug (so sorry for them if this happens to be true...their drug will be a failure even before trials)


conclusions of the study:
In summary, HBV and HCV, via an assortment of mechanisms, disturb immune responses and establish chronic infections, with macrophages as key regulators of the early
immune responses being targeted by both viruses.

Do liver macrophages function efficiently
during HCV and/or HBV disease, and can they be a target for
immune therapy to control HBV and/or HCV disease
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another study:
Hepatitis B virus hardly activates dendritic cells,
macrophages and natural killer cells


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