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GS 9620

any special report for the medicine of GS 9620 giland
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stef is thinking of making a  trial of tlr7 compound immiquimoid under expert supervision from france in future which is from same class as gilead's gs 9620. whose results will be available much before gs9620. actually stef told it is available as aldara cream but has no standard method to consume and has many sides.
djxpress may tell more about gs 9620. it makes our body to make our own interferon and in more quantity with less side effect and may be very useful in curing hepb with antivirals. perhaps will be available in 2017 when gilead's tenofovir patent is going to end.
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they should just give it out now.

We have to demand it guys. Not only this but demand better more open clinical trials, that involve more then just six people.

The way they run clinical trials is very tricky. Clinical trial recruiters act like sales people. They take only certain people, and don't really explain anything. I am so disappointed. It seems like if you ask one wrong question, or ask too many questions,  they wont take you. Asking too many questions raises alarm that you may be an educated patient :)))

Seems like they need people who have no clue what this is. And there is plenty of those.

I am telling you guys, it is so jaw dropping sick to see what has become of medicine today. :(((((


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better than wait is disscuse immiquimoid aldara as therapy.
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yes imiquimod as therapy is out of question for now and results have been very limited, i guess the problem is that imiquimod should be continued daily as 12.5mg suppository or higher but sides are absolutely not tollerable (fatigue, blured vision, creatinine increase, heavy general inflmmation, hair loss and change from straight to curly), at least for me, and this cannot be done.while if we use imiquimod every other day or less the production of interferon is not continuous and results are none

i ll be making pegintf add on soon and i believe peg could be better because pegylation allows a steady interferon level even if lower than imiquimod, we will see what results can be achived
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does anybody know history of trial times in different phases,needed by gilead hep c drug Sofosbuvir (formerly PSI-7977 or GS-7977) to go in advance phases. by this we can guess time needed by gs 9620 which is for hep b. though time wont be the same but it gives a clue about company culture.
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cant be use less than 12.5 or dose which can be tolerated easily. though it will generate low levels of interferon, if consistant then even this low interferon may be useful.as its our own. and after all something is better than nothing.
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