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I just had an appointment with Dr. Gish - he said there is yet to be unreleased data from clinical trials showing GS 9620 has been effective, and non-toxic in escalating doses. He said things look very promising.  He also said clinical trials are still ongoing and they've relaxed the inclusion criteria, so others may be able to join (veteranB).

He also mentioned that ARC-520 will be doing first trials in Asia, then phase II trials in the USA.  He mentioned that ARC-520 may come to market sooner than Rep9AC', which he feels is still a long way away from coming to market.
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Very encouraging news, thanks.
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Praise to Allah ..
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Thanks DJ. I will email him.
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Am i missing something here?
Do we have any data on the clinical performances of these two compds even speculative in terms of success?
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They are still enrolling people in this trial, need to be HBV DNA Und to qualify.  They are looking to clear the surface antigen with GS9620
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@djxpress thanks for your response.
I guess to be undetected one has to be on Nuc's or had done intf in the past??
Am i correct?
The compds are designed for people that i currently on Nuc's treatment?
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