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GcMAF and activation of macrofages

an italian well know researcher is making research on GcMAF with yamamoto.

of course if this work no drug maker will ever produce this drug and US will go bankruped

but we are lucky anyway because it is in everybodies blood like immune globulins, so no sides, no patentable, no high cost and especially no trials needed to check safety or for its use.if it works it would make US bankruped


belgium production

israel production

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this is a thread in a cronic fatigue syndrom forum, they are treating with GcMaf already from 2010 under specialized doctors.it might be useful to see their experiences although this drug might not be effective for them, unluckily CFS has unknow probably viral origin

i see they have reference labs for testing but i think in hbv infection it is not needed, hbsag quantification and all antigens/antibodies quantification might be good enough, while hbvdna and alt must not be considered as a tool to see immune system reaction.
mainly hbsag and hbsab can be used to see that

it is lo menthioned that vitamin d levels must be normal for GcMaf to work
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somebody used it to clear hcv successfully, i ll try to get in contact with him.in this post there is indication also about best producer.
drug available in europe while US the most difficult place where to take it...(guess what drug companies making issues)

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Just spent hours reading entire tread.

1. Why no one is testing vitamin D3? This is what GcMaf supposed to use to work off, right? So why are you guys running bunch of utopia tests and forget about this one? I can't believe your GcMaf rep didn't tell you to make sure you tan or have enough vitamin D3 in your blood before you start. No vitamin D3 - no macrophages meaning waste of GcMaf...
2. BGLI and any GcMaf that you need to freeze - is not original or real. it may work may not but not original formula. Original formla supposedto be refrigirated at 4-8 celsius and very stable - should be in great shape after 6month and even longer.
3. If you are paying less than $700 a shot you don't have original formula.
4. PPS in isreal is the company that produces it. they don't sell it directly but they do have representatives http://www.pps.co.il
5. Shipping to USA out of question. Ship it to Canada or Mexico to your friends and then pick it up and bring it over the border or fly to Israel or London - they can ship it to london address.
6. GcMaf has side effects, if you don't have any ***** to be you - you are using fake version and wasting money.
7. Friend of mine had great results with HEP C - negative after 8 years of being positive. he took 24 shots.

I don't have any updates on my situation because i just took my first shot and other than a lot of heavy side effects i can't report on anything but will let you know the progress once i have blood work and see numbers, i just hope i will turn out as good as friend of mine! so i keep my fingers and toes crossed :)
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Thanks very much for all the references - will put my reading glasses on and start reading.
These immune modulating substances cover a big big field. So far it seems:
1.IL-7 deals with T Cells
2.GcMaf deals with macrophages
Then there are Natural killer cells (NK), Dendrite cells, innate/adapted, humoral/cellular.....
[hope I got it right]
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thank you that's a big help from you because i might miss details sometimes since english is not my mother toungue

i try to read most of cronic fatigue forum posts till late at night to see their experience on sides effects, producers of drug and so on
again i stress we cannot compare their weak/medium results because Gcmaf is not the answer to their disease but might help them find a balance, who knows exactly all the mess of viruses and immune system damage they have

today i will send an email to doctor ruggero to see if they studied anything on hbv too
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yes you are right about il7, the researchers in pisa know doctor andreone who makes italian tiral but they told me last year that there are too many risks for il7 especially because other trilas had severe immunological impairments which came out years after the trial

they say better stay here and watch carefully what happens...
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