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Hello Sir,

my friend had appeared for medical test in view of govt.job and in medical test results his blood is reactive for HBsAg. So he consulted with doctor regarding that and as per doctor's suggestion. have created reports of blood, urine and sonography. in those reports the result came that liver is normal, urine report is normal and blood report contains HBsAg Positive. So after that as per advice of doctor He has created another blood report for HBeAg test and in that report He got HBeAg Negative.

So I would like to know that as he has HBeAg Negative now so does he need to take treatment for that also?
Is that HBsAg phase in  blood report curable?
Does he need to take any specific type of diet for that?

he is going to marry so can that virus affects his wife also?

He is feeling very tension and fearing about this?

Please help me in solving my confusion and answer my question.

Hoping for your favorable consideration.
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Yes by 2020: hope you heard of arrowhead phase2/3 clinical trailer. Has 99% chance of clearing hbsag.
And there is this guy in Australia Walter H Clinic, who also attain 99% clearance of hbsag in preclinical trial. Arrowhead team has assure us that by 2020 the drug will be in store.
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You guys must be good friends for him to share all his medical records with you, and you to care so much to seek advice and help for him.  My advice would be to seek a good hepatologist, liver doctor.  Get on a really good natural diet, and take care of his body.

The cure in 2020? IMO it's not so close or ever in the US.  Babies are vaccinated in the US at birth for many decades.  Adults who get hbv clear it at rate of 90 plus percent, and of the 99.3 percent of the US population that don't have hbv, they can get vaccinated and never get infected.  So common, financial, and political sense would tell me treatment is only in the future.  Maybe treatment will get better, as time passes.  But a cure already seem to exist for non infected, so I think better and newer treatment is in our future.  Not saying you cannot live a long life, but a cure seems unnecessary from the medical common sense.  That's just my opinion
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Am married with a kid. My wife and my kid don't have the virus cause they where vaccinated. Am currently not receiving treatment cause my virus load is low. If you are e antigen positive and the virus load is low, you don't need to be worried. You will live your life to it fulness. The virus is not as deadly is most people thinks of propagate. Hepatitis B è antigen patient still have the life expectancy of 82 year.but you just have to stop smoking, alcohol and sugar. Weather we are hepatitis B positive of negative, one day we shall all surely die. What matter most is your relationship with God and and where you will spend your eternity.
By 2020 drug will be in place to cure hepatitis B with 99% success.
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He has to do further test like viral load and liver function test and from that his doctor can advise if he requires treatment. If the liver function is normal and his viral load is not above 2000 iu then he will not  need any treatment.

With regards to him getting married, he first has to let his potential wife go for heb b profile test. If she is negative and has has anti-bodies then they can get married without her taking any vaccine but if she is negative but with no anti bodies then she has to take the vaccine to protect herself. With anti bodies present in the wife they can get married and wife will never be infected.

I am married with two kids and my wife and my kids have no hepatitis b although i am positive.

Currently there is no functional cure but with regular medical check up he can live his life to the fullest. I hope he was not declared medically unfit because of his hepatitis b?
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