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HBSag Quantitative and HBV DNA results

Hi, I just joined the forum.  I found out that I have hepatitis b accidentally.  
My HBSAG quantitative is 1627.54 IU/mL and HBV DNA value is <20 IU/mL.  Can you please let me know what does this result mean?

Thanks much in anticipation
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I missed to mention in my above question, that my HBeAg is negative and HBeAb is postive.
my ALT 17 U/L, AST 17 U/L, ALP 115 U/L.  
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You need to provide you ALT and Fibroscan results. If they are normal it's probably inactive chronic hbv.
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Where you r from in India
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Take a Fibroscan. If it comes bellow 6 kPa then you are momentarily in a good shape.

As your hbsag is > 1000 there is a realistic chance that the virus will reactivate in the future.
Because of that make sure to test your DNA and ALT regularly (I suggest every 9 months, unless your DNA goes up in which case you should decrease the frequency of the testing) so as to monitor your virus and catch a potential reactivation of your virus.

I wouldn't worry to much, just make sure to monitor it regularly.
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It means that it's pretty low, but not extremely low. For reference my HBSAG is 6000 iu/ml and my HBV DNA is 300 iu/ml.
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