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HBV Markers


What is the longest period of time anyone has ever heard of from time of infection to the appearance of markers for HBV such as HbsAg etc?

Not the typical timelines as given by the cdc etc. Anyone ever seen it take longer than one year for example?
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The most sensetive tests would be the following. There are things like Occult Hep B unfortunately.

1. Hbv dna by PCR

2. Liver biopsy
To date, I am negative for HbsAg, HbsAb, HbcAb (total), HbeAg, HbeAb and HBV DNA by PCR upto one year post exposure. These have all been tested multiple times throughout that year along with all other STD tests. All have been negative.

I just don’t feel right though and it’s not in my head. Just wondered if HBV can be discounted or if I need a liver biopsy
You can check again in another year. I think its in your head and a lot of people are in much worse condition, they are Hepatitis B positive. You can get a biopsy but that would be really extreme.
And if you are negative for HBSAB then that means you did not get the vaccine, you should get the 3 dose vaccine.
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