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HBV Quantitative is 91 iU/ml

My HBV Surface Antigen Quantitative is 91 iu/ml while HBDNA is undetected after a year & half of Tenofovir.
Other results are: HbeAg: Neg
HbeAb: Pos.
Am I on a progressive lane in term of improvement and is it safe to halt medication?
Thanks, family
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keep taking tenofovir as your surface antigen is very less may be in a year or so you will get rid of it,talk to your doctor before halting medication
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Omg I r on the verge of cure. U can try interferon. But ño doçtor will advice u that
Why would you even say that to him? What cure? I have very low SAG and DNA without meds and every doctor I have seen told me that I would not benfit from it.
Friend u cannot say anything unless u've tried it. Doctors are not God and u can see that in every study and trials cunducted some people do get cured though their numbers are very low. U can easily check articles published saying low sag and DNA people on ifn have high chances to seroconvert. But ofcourse nothing is sure for which u have to take chances and risks. I too took that but could not succeed. But still I am on my way waiting for some good day to come.
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do not stop until hbsab is over 250iu/ml and hbsag undetected
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