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HBV Transmission

If Father is HBV(+) and Mother is HBV(-) . Can HBV will transmit to baby in this case?
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Hepatitis B is found in the precum, semen, and blood of an infected person. Hepatitis B vaccine is very effective in preventing transmission of hepatitis B infection. If mother has been vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine the chances of transmission from husband are very low. If mother is hepatitis B negative the newborn cannot be infected. WHO recommends that all infants receive the hepatitis B vaccine as soon as possible after birth, preferably within 24 hours. After the birth dose 2 or 3 doses should be given to complete the primary series. The complete vaccine series offers protective antibody levels in more than 95% of infants, children and young adults. You should consult your doctor to clear your doubts. I hope it helped.
Best luck and regards!
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Greetings of Peace!

What would be the best things to do im one person had an Hep. B?, and how dangerous it was?? Please advise us..

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Hi I am 25Y Female,Married found Cronic Hepatisis B in the year 2011. my husband tested negative and veccinated.My doctor prescribed entecivir 0.5 mg(entaliv-0.5).I have taken the same since last two years.During Nov 2011 My HBV DNA level -38652 IU/ml,HBsAg-1843.86 IU/ml,SGPT-26 U/L,HBeAg-0.64 and again on Dec 2012 HBV DNA level -<20,HBsAg-2858.31 IU/ml,SGPT-40 U/L,HBeAg-.27,Anti- HBe-0.02,Anti- HBc=11.64 and on Oct 2013 HBV DNA level -not detected,HBsAg-<250.

Now I am planning for Baby.
My question is
Is it possible to fully cure from this HBV? Is there any medicine comes in India for curing of HBV?
Can I give a healthy baby without transmitting the HBV?
I am also suffering from PCOD.
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