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HBV load elevated

I am hep b carrier for more than 20 years I check my liver function and viral load every six months. I always have normal ALT and AST. Viral load run between 2500 to 19000 IU/ml. This time, I have ALT:12 and AST 23 which are normal but my viral load is 23300 IU/ml. My AFP is 2 which is normal. My fibrosure panel shows no fibrosis and inflammation. Do I need treatment? Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I want to add one information. I am HBeAg negative and HBe Ab positive.
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I would wait.
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I did a little bit of research myself and come out with the same conclusion. will see Dr next Monday. Thanks a lot.
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Your vitamin D levels are probably low.
Take vitamin D. 5000 IU for a few days and then take it off and on maybe 3 times a week. 5000 IU
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