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HBs Ag = 25.03 UI

Hello Stef / Steven / Studyforhope

Please find below my brother's results after medical checking. He is 25.

HBs Ag = positive
HBs Ab = negative
HVB DNA = 947 UI/ml
HBe Ag = negative
HBe Ab = positive
US = normal
Fibrotest = no fibrosis
probably genotype D considering the area where we live - Romania

HBs Ag = positive
HBs Ag = 25.03 UI/ml

No other tests. No medication so far.

Could you please advise whether boosting immune system would be helpful? Some vaccine therapy?

Thank you!
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HBs Ag = 25.03 UI/ml

wow so lucky if it is really so low peginterferon plus simvastatin like otan did will clear hbv in a very short time, otan cleared in less than 16 weeks but did not develop hbsab antibodies so kept pegintf for 48weeks and so hbsab developped

zadaxin and hbv vaccine can be used when hbsag gets und to make the antibodies, with hbsag detactable they are of little use, you may try but only peginterferon is sure to clear when hbsag is less than 1000iu/ml

i strongly suggest to find a good liver specialist or if there are none you may buy pegintf yourself and just have the liver specialist monitor therapy

the very bad thing is that most liver specialist don t care about final cure but just give drugs when status is bad
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of course when status is bad like high hbsag and high hbvdna and liver specialists use pegintf the results are only 7% of clearance....so in the end it is just like they dont care about cure
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in case you start pegintf please report to the community because it is always a pleasure to see members clearing and have reports on short time cleareance by peg on low hbsag
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Thank you Stef for your answers.
I would like to find a good and up-to-date liver specialist although I have some doubts that I can manage to do so in Romania. The ones I have met so far didtn't seem to care about cure.

On the other side my brother is not willing to start pegintf; he is very much concerned about the sides. He feels pretty much alright now and he would like to keep it this way. He hopes that in time he will simply clear HBsAg with no medication.
However I know that there is very low chances that a self-clear to happen and I am afraid that in time his status will get worse if he is doing nothing for cure now.

Anyway I will try to find a good liver specialist that will care about cure and will manage to make my brother feel comfortable if pegintf needed.

Many thanks again and I will report to the community if he eventually starts pegintf.
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you can find the following which has no sides but no prof they clear hbv:

gcmaf from gcmaf.eu, this will activate macrophages, since hbsag is so low it may work.injection, no sides

vitamin c liposomal form from livonlabs

increase vitamin d3 levels in blood to maximum normal range 80-90ng/ml

alinia 2-3g daily at meals, check older posts

but again it is easier to make pegintf and see if it has sides, it is very probable he wont experince sides and clear in few weeks
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by the way it is good to make him aware that hbv has no symptoms and even those with liver cancer and cirrhosis feel good......
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