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HBsAG NON REACTIVE after almost 8 years

Location : Quezon City, Philippines
Age : 34 years Old
Marital Status : Married
Kids : 2

I first learned that Im hepa B carrier sometime in 2004 after I received an UNFIT medical result for my job application abroad. Yesterday December 14, 2011, I received my last HBsAG test and it shows HBsAG NON ACTIVE (Asiatic Laboratory in Sta. Cruz Manila, I always have my test there)

Here are the summary of some of my previous test results: Note : I just always have an HBsAg, I only have one test of complete Hepa profile since 2004.

December 2004 : 2,406
July 2005 : 318.6
August 2005 : 282.0
March 2007 : 280.7
April 2007 : 279.3
January 2009 : My first complete hepa profile shows that Im HBeAG NON REACTIVE and from the ultrasound shows a normal liver etc.
November 2010 : 275.5
January 2011 : 225.8
July 2011 : 252.2

Note : I dont have test of HBsAG in iu/ml, DONT believe with some forum members that tests that are not in iu/ml is a crap.

How did I get NON REACTIVE?
I NEVER take any medication as I was told that there in no cure yet.The last 6 months I tried purely herbal / natural.

I never consulted any doctor regarding this since 2004.

Im not an athletic, Im a IT professional so more of my time are consumed sitting in front of the computer but August 2011 I resigned from my job and I talked to my parents and sister working abroad to support me / my children financially, because I really wanted to get rid of this virus from my body. After resignation I always woke up early for jogging / exercise and to get some early morning sunlight.

During these time also I always want fried rice and sunny side-up egg, so I dont know if there is a connection for curing Hepa. I also eat lots of rice average 7 plates a day. I also eat whatever I want, salty, fatty etc. since I believed it will just add do my depression if I cant eat the food that I want. I NEVER drink wine / beer ever since, Softdrinks only.

The most important is prayers. I always pray.

Last week of August I got a very bad colds and flu for more than a week, very bad that I thought I will die, but after that I strongly believed that it has some connection on the healing process.

Next month Ill have another test to confirm if its indeed negative and also to test if I already have immunity.

As for the herbal plant that I take Ill post it here next month after the confirmatory test.

Good luck to others, Im off to this forum for now since Ill be very busy applying for a job abroad.

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hbsag and hbeag are different things..hbsag represents the presence of the virus while hbeag shows whether your virus is replicating or not..also check if you have anti-hbe because its a good thing
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I know, and HBsAG NON RECATIVE means you are CURED of Hepa B.
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I forgot to mention that I take Vit C the past 2 months sent by my sister from Japan.
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3% per year just clear hbv it is always been like this and it will always be in the future.a part of these dont clear hbv but go to occult hbv which is much more severe, occult hbv has no hbsag, no hbvdna and normal alt but makes cirrhosis and HCC anyway.
occut hbv could never be checked in the philippines there are no tests to follow hbv there nor occult or normal cronic hbv.i hope you just cleared it
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Of course Im expecting that you will assail again this result and the way I cleared the virus because for you, your recommendations are the best and only way to treat the virus. Just like calling our hepa test here as CRAP.

But until now you have Hepa, If you want us to believe you, clear your Hepa with your treatment recommendations.

Im off to this forum, no need for me to tell the herb that I used anyway you a super Hepa expert here in the person of stef2011.
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because you was lucky and clear HBV, don't give you the permission to attack the other members that are not so lucky (remember your prayers) and because somebody has a different opinion is not e reason to attack.  
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Im not attacking anyone, im just answering and telling him not to call other system as crap and only his recommendations are genuine.
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Ano b yang herbal na ginamit mo please tell us naman.
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buti mo  bang  tell  kung anong  vitamins un...i  really  want  to  try it....tnx
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thats very nice to hear from you. you also one of the luckiest person with hbv. of course some people not always believe what you have said that person is always to pretend what they are doing were always right based of some research and become experiment of themselves but failed to do so .but anyway thank you to all for the informations
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how can i reach you?please.i need your help po. i need more info pa po regarding this.pls reply :(
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seems like lots of filipinos are infected with the hbv virus!
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this is not a place to spam like you are doing, if you like you can post research results from int'l journals but if you dont have that it is useless to spam your posts will be deleted
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share ko lang sa inyo guys .nung year 2013 po nag reactive po ako sa hepa b or Hbsag test ndi po ako tinangap sa inaplyan ko halos manlumo ako gsto kong mag sabi s mga friends ko na may hepa b ako pero nhhya ako sa knila kya mas pinili ko nlang mpag isa. hanggang sa na depress ako ndi ako mka tulog sa gabi .feeling ko kht anong oras mmtay ako .pero binago ko po yung lifestyle ko share ko lang po sa inyo to .pra mdyo gumaan yung pkiramdam nyu kasi relate ako sa inyo .gnwa ko po nagkakain po ako ng gulay yung madahon twag po dun ay saluyot mganda daw po yun sa taong may hepa .nag jajoging din po ako once 1week .ska po kumakaen ako ng pine apple at guyabano .miracle fruit daw po iyon .naninilaw po yung mata ko nung nagka hepa ako after ko po kumaen ng mga pagkain nyan unti unti nwla pninilaw ng mata ko .nag try po ako mag apply knabahan ako kasi yung medical may hepa test .iniisip ko bka msyang lang yung pera ko at time .nag pray po ako kay god na sna nga gumaling na ko .after ko po makuhanan ng dugo at ma test sa lab .nka lgay na po sa test non reactive po ako sa hepa B ngayun po nagwowork na ko sa red ribbon sobrang sya ko ksi pinagaling ako ni god .kya wag po kyu mwlan ng pag asa by the way 21 na po ako 19 po ako nagka hepa b .sna po gumaan yung kalooban nyu sa na share ko mag dasal po tyu dhil wla nman imposible kay god ..
Hi can thank you sa shinare mo. Ako din ay nadiagnosed ng inactive hepa B last november 2017.Bukas may 31. Schedule ko for lab test kasi 6 months na. Ano oang herbal medicine ang ininum mo. Tnx
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