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HELP what does my test results mean?

The problem I have is the Spanish doctors where I live don´t speak english!!

infectious serology

AG. Hepatitis B - negative
AG. Surface ELISA method

AC. Anti-virus- 3.10
Hepatitis B Surface AG
ELISA method

AC. Anti-virus - negative
Hepatitis B Core AG
ELISA method.

AC. Anti-virus-negative
Hepatitis C ELISA method.

I am a bit concerned about the 3.10 what does that mean?
The doctor said everything was negative and OK?
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If I am correct, you had Hepatitis B vaccination in the past. Your HBsAb has dropped below the protective level of 10 mIU/mL. As you doctor said, you are OK,si.
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thank you kindly for replying to my message!! I think I  had a vacination for Hep B
when I emigrated to Australia not sure it was 15 years ago as I had a stop over in Singapore I had a single injection but can´t remember what it was for!!
So that´s what the ANTI-VIRUS 3.10 on my results mean?

yours sincerely dario42
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