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HEPA B CURE - 4 LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR is totally ineffective to cure hbv, since now we have a proven cure which is sequential treatment with tenofovir and then peginterferon add-on:
40% cured year 1
90% response year 1 going to cure hbv in year 2
10% no response

it is time to stop all spamming, nohing else has show hbv cure rates so high so all the rest is watsed money and spam now that we have a cure
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let's keep this first as long as 4 LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR is not deleted
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So that is 90% of the 1st year 40% who responded?
How about the remaining 60% who did not responded in the first year? No response ever?
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Though I believed HEPA B CURE - 4 LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR is indeed not a cure for Hepa but for as long as US FDA (or other appropriate authorities), didnt give any go signal for the cure you are talking about, it remains experimental, and dont claim its the cure.
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You keep on claiming that you have the cure, but until now you haven't eliminated that virus in your body. Why dont you just allow other people to share their views / ask questions on this forums and dont claim everything that is opposite to your "cure" as spam.
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please dont post nonsense


we posted the trial from san fransico conference, we will have update probably at easl 2012 in april because the trial is not finished yet and they just reported first years experince, if you search the community you will find all data, anyway these are results:

40% cleared first year, these patients had adefovir+lamivudine or tenofovir+lamivduine as antivirals.it is rationale to use the most potent ones like tenofovir or entecavir

all other patients had hbsag after first year so low that it may go on and clear even with no therapies, hbsag around 10-30iu/ml, one around 300iu/ml

one patient, did not respond, this patient was on adefovir+lamivudine, non response may be due to the use of thee weaker drugs and who knows maybe using tenofovir or tenofovir+entecavir, anyway it is just one who did not respond and he will be able to retry interferon later on
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initaly they are already using this combo in many many hospitals and we have already found posts from patients who cleared from combo started in 2010 in less than 1 year

pisa researchers know about results of these combos and figure of hbv cure is higher than 40%, they will publish results after a trial with >1000 patients.i will be starting the combo in may after at least 6months on tenofovir which i started in november
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so it is resonable a cure rate of about 90% at 2 years and anyway a cure rate of 90% in the following years on or off therapy because when hbsag reaches values less than 20% we have 100% clearance by 5 years even off therapy
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from that study we have 2 things very interesting about the patients using the most potent antivirals (because most used the weaker adv+lam):

tenofovir and entecavir were used for short periods like about 3 years prior interferon add on and had a faster response

1 patient on entecavir had very high hbsag after 3 years on entecavir monotherapy at about 7800iu/ml which usually dont respond to interferon.
add on of interferon made hbsag 30iu/ml in 48weeks despite it was so high baseline

so my guess is tenofovir and entecavir can make interferon response even in those cases where interferon doesn t work, and they require less time before interferon add on
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this channel is to discuss proven therapies, alternative therapies have another channel made about 1 year ago by medhelp, i will ask to move HEPA B CURE - 4 LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR thread to that channel because we dont discuss alternative therapies here
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Why dont you just answer my question : Is your "cure" now approved as cure for Hepa by government authorities of any country? If not it remains experimental.

You dont have the right to assail other "cures" being discussed here. Why do you own this website? The mere fact that the owner of this website allows this posts by keeping their threads, who are you to say they are just spamming, what if their "cure" indeed cures hepa.
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the cure (NUC + INF) is not approved but is not forbidden, it is tolerated and is on doctor decision how will manage this, so I don't think that is experimental, is more like off label. the only combination that is not allowed (and was disused on the forum) is Telbivudine + INF (FDA - release a warning for this).
if some other NUC's had potential problems in combination with INF, FDA have putted on the same list, but they didn't.

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Please explain. When you say cure. Do you mean Hbsag completely cleared?
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Please explain. When you say cure. Do you mean Hbsag completely cleared? sero-conversion (i.e. e-antigen negative, e-antibody positive).
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Transfer Factor is not a cure it  helps to correct the function of our immune system, Transfer Factor is memory molecules that educate our immune system,  3 thing transfer factor can do it boost our immune system up to 437%, #2 it Balanace our immune system.  #3 It Educates our Immune System
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