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I am a hepatitis b patient since 2009, i have had several LFT tests which were very expensive but the results all came out good with all enzymes.. i have this constant discomfort, mild pain and pepperish feeling at the right abdomen just under my ribs, i have had several CT scans and nothing has been detected, i have taken several drugs that was prescribed by the doctor incluing omeprazole, chlaritomycin and others but the same feeling is constant.. below are my latest blood tests results

ALT- 31 IU/L
AST -31 I/UL
TBIL - 27.6
DBIL - 3.2
ALB- 44
TP -67.67

hep B virus DNA    -    1463 iu/ml  

HBV Viral load log value   - 3.17

the problem is apart from the abdominal discomfort i dont have any other symptoms showing like nausea or yellowish of the skin/eye... the discomfort is always there except when i am asleep.. i am really disturbed.. my questions are

1. are my results bad or good?
2. do i need drugs or not?
3. am i going to die from cirrhosis or cancer?
4. what do i do about the right abdominal discomfort which is always there.. ?

anytime the discomfort is severe i get bloated and pass out very very very stinking and smelly gas.. gas smells so bad. this happens everytime the discomfort is severe..

PLEASE HELP ME WHAT SHOULD I DO now after the viral load test result ?

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i have had the virus since 2009
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so with your explanation what can you say about my HBVDNA in serum quantity ?
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HBsAg reflects more to HBV inside liver cells,
HBVDNA in serum just says whether your organism controls the replication or not

You can do biopsy instead however Fibroscan
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so does it mean this particular test i spent a lot to do cant give any information on my status and whether i need drugs or not unless i do the other test you said?  in Ghana i dont even know if there is a hospital around here that does the fibroscan.  what is the difference between a viral load and hbsag quantiy in iu/ml ?
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you miss the main tests to know your status:
hbsag quant in iu/ml
fibroscan (fibrotest, fibrosure are not reliable)
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try to do a fibrotest to see in wich phase you are
  you hepatic result alat asat shows that liver s function is good
be attached to you doc and ask him for fibrotesy with hbs ag quantity
for me your load viral is not too high but some times small viral load does fibrosis
to see if you need a treatement or not a set of analyses should be done to decide wether you should take treatement or not
for the pain i think just is due to colon due to stress
i am not a doc this is my point of view
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