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HVB IU/ml results do I need treatment? Please help!

Hello, I recently got my results and I don’t know if this is bad or not.

HBV IU/ml = 64300 IU/ML
Log10 HBV IU/ML= 4.808 log10 IU/ml
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Consult your doctor.  What were your last results
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This is my 1st lab results. I just recently found out I have hepatitis b. :(
I wouldn’t give any medical advice except to seek one.  But... I would get another  check up sooner than later and seek a second option

When I found out, I got a liver biopsy, then ultrasound a month later.  I don’t know where you live or how the health care is, dr, insurance, price, etc.  but even if it cost a lot, it’s your life and health, and good health is worth every bit of money you ll spend.  

Rather be poor and healthy then rich and unhealthy.  

Hi am chronichepb , viral load is over billions, f0 fibrosis , steatotis grade is s2, should I take treatment right away? I told doc I want to wait. Is it  ok to wait

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