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HbSAg Quantitative - interpretation

Hi - My quant for HbSAg in Sept was ~ 530 IU/mL.  Last week it was at ~ 14 IU/mL
How shall I interpret this?  Will ask the Dr to order the Ab quant also.  Thank you.
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Just an update - my surface antigen quant is now down to 1.3!
very very good, are you on antivirals?Hbig injections can clear it faster now
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I have an appointment today with my doctor and if you could re-share the post it will be great.  I tried searching but could not find.
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i found it by posts section under my medhelp
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you are clearing, you can use Hbig injections until hbsag gets und and vaccine to boost hbsab
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OK.  Thank you, will check with my doctor.
there is a study on HBIG i posted here, your doctor might be unaware of the possibility to clear hbsag using it but when it is so low it works on some
Could you please share the post.Thanks
it is on this forum somewhere, the website is awful so i dont know how to find that old post
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