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Hbsag Positive/work visa

Dears ,

I have Hbsag positive.I never felt any symptoms of hepatitis b but when I got tested 4 years before for multinational job,then it was found that I had hbsag positive.
I want to go abroad for work.I am a telecom engineer.I want to know if it is possible to make this hbsag negative??
Can I get abroad work visa with hbsag or not??
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dear shahrukh yaaar no problam bus ALLAH se dua karo k ALLAH bahter kary..
yaar wese yah virus jisim main ik dafa dakhil ho jay tu bus phir kabhi nahi nikalta hai or ap pcr test karaty ho us main negative ajay k jeasay not detected ajata hai tu lakin phir bhi ap ka positive ay gaaaaaaa...bus ap treatment karo ALLAH bahter kary ga INSHALLAH....rahi baat jany ki abroud tu ap lebortry se setting ker lo k kisi or ka blood un hy day do ap apnay nam se yon ap ka negative ajay ga or ap bahir chalay jana is main koi itna bara issu nahi hai lakin bus thora risky kaam hia lakin bimari ki waja se banda ik jagah tu beth nahi sakta ab jitni zindagi hia is mainm agay bhi tu bharna hai bus ap ALLAH  se dua kary sab bahter ho jay gaaaaaaa INSHALLAH
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hepBsAg becomes positive during active disease(pt suffering from jaundice, nausea, vomiting, fever n fatigue) it becomes negative after 6 months but if not the patient becomes a carrier. his blood n body fluids can transfer this disease to non-vacinated people.
Australian health authorities do not consider the risk of hepatitis transmission from migrants to be high but screening for hepatitis B and C is still required in certain cases, such as when an applicant is pregnant or they are a visa applicant intending to work as a doctor, nurse or dentist in Australia. Hepatitis B will be tested for all applicants with tattoos or body piercings.
some countries repeat the medical tests once u get there.
a lot of time, money and energy is spent to get a work visa abroad anywhere..... and it will be devestating to be deported than..... n who knows you may face some penalties for fraud.
my sincere advise is to check with australian embassy/immigration before you start your visa process. declare your hep B status upfront.
No need to lie n feel guilty or scared forever. be brave n face what life throws at u with dignity n pride. as far as work is concerned i believe u can find one, as graet as any in your home country. tc. n best of luck
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I want to know if it is possible to make this hbsag negative??

--A long and uncertain process.

Can I get abroad work visa with hbsag or not??

--Depends on the country.
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2009 hbv dna value 1970 iu/ml  after 1year hbv dna 2070 iu/ml  after that iam taking baraclude entiaver .05 mg tablet 6 month now my hbv dna 20 iu/ml  but i lieve taking tablet becouse  he is so costly 10 tab. 2300 Rs. Plz anyone tell me can i safe?
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hepties b carrier can got work visa and providing country ?
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we have hbsag postve but inderaite negtive
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