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Hbsag quantative test in Europe


Since we don't have this test in USA. I'm planing to do it in Italy while visiting Europe next month and I have the following questions:

1) where in Rome I can do the test?
2) how much will it cost me ( hbsag quantity, genotype etc...)
3) do I need an appointment or I can walk in?
4) do they speak English I hope
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the best place to have it is private labs like synlab because in public hospitals it may be difficult to get access

1) where in Rome I can do the test?
there is a very small lab in rome collecting samples and shipping to main sylab laboratory.it is ll ok but not in the rome center, getting there by public transport very messy, you ll have to take a taxi
all public hospitals and many other private labs have hbsag quant but i dont know if you have access

a very good lab i know in civitavecchia (which is 30-45min train from rome) have both hbsag quan and nagalase test available

synlab is everywhere in the north with their own labs,milan is full of their labs, verona, florence, forli, cattolica too

2 hbsag at synlab is about 50€, i dont know for genotype and other tests.email them, they also have ip10 and other research tests available, oxidative stress tests and so on.hbsag in public hospitals is 8€ for italians and free for italian chronic carriers

3 no appointment but you have to explain carefully the type of test because they dont know it at reception (while public hospitals know the test) and confuse that with hbsag qualitative, hbsab quantitative or hbvdna
they have roches elecsys

4 i guess they do, better email them and have appointment so they dont make the wrong test

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synlab is in austria, switzerland, germany, france, uk and many others so you can have hbsag quant there too i guess
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Interesting that the capital doesn't have a branch of Synlab. But I'm willing to take the train for Synlab how far is it the closest one from Rome?
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Also i found this in Rome, is this the same synlab you are talking about? But i don't see an email to email them

Synlab Lazio S.R.L.
Via di Torrenova, 249 Roma
+39 06 200 6599
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yes i went there, the only trouble is the taxi and to find the small lab which is in a small street from the main street Via di Torrenova

there is a big guy at reception and he knows about hbsag quantification, time is longer for results there while at synlab branches in milan, florence, verona, brescia and so on you ll get it same day or next day online
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Hey Stef2011,

How important is the HBV Genotipo and the mutant test? I'm trying to weigh the cost vs importance.

I'm originally from the middle east and born on the mediterrenean so most likely Genotype D? Or does the test tell you more than that?
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hbv genotype is needed to know the chances to clear on pegintf (but not important for sequential combo) and to exclude not having genotype C which is the most aggressive as regards cancer

precore/bcp, just to know the hcc/cirrhosis risk but not so important
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Thanks Steff, what worrie me the most is that my doctor told me most likely I have precore mutant. Does that mean most likely will end up with HCC?
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no but having both precore and bcp is a good indication to start treatment if hbvdna elevated, firboscan elevated

do not worry too much the most common form of hbv wrldwide is precore bcp
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Thanks again Steff. Great work in this forum, not sure how you are able to answer every one all this years. You deserve a trophy :)
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You are right, Steff is the best man on this forum, He is reliable, generous,very human, our doctor,our advisor, and we should appreciate him. God give him to this forum,and I am sure that everyone is happy that Steff takes care on every single question. We pray for you Steff
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thanks, i just try to bring the most updated info most doctors have no time to review or study so that in  way or another we get the best out of treatments against hbv
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Just a quick update, I decided to do the test in Germany since I'm here for 3 weeks. I went to synlab in Kohln and they wanted a doctor to see me or will have to pay 700 euro for hbsag quantity and genotype. So I called a local doctor and he said he will do these tests for 150 euro so I will go to a local doctor this Friday to get it done and will post the results once I get them
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sounds like a well done fraud of crazy german laws (since synlab is an italian company) and hbsag quant test is 40€ in italy, dont know about genotype but 700€ is a fraud and 150€ is still too much

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or maybe they are balancing somewhere else with the lowering prices of the tests in italy....
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Yeah that was crazy will let you know the real cost on Friday. I had so much trouble to even do it without a doctor note but will see this Friday what the doctor will say.
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I did the tests today at local doctor in Germany and prices not so bad

Hbsag quantity 14 euro
Genotype          99 euro
Vitamin d.          20 euro
AFP.                   10 euro
Hdl/LDL etc...     50 euro
ALT/AST.            20 euro

Will get the result next week :)
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very good prices in the end
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Here is my results from the German lab (still waiting on Hbsag quantity):

I notice my ast/alt are higher than 2 months ago. Is this bad?

ALT GPT now 39 (was 20 2 months ago)
AST GOT now 25 ( was 18)
Vitamin D blanc 80 mol/l  ( should be > 50)
AFP   4 (should be < 7)
MCV  81.9 fl ( should be 81.8 - 95.5)
MCH  27.9 pg ( should be 27 - 32.3)
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slow on results, in italy everything ready later same day.

anyway all results good and with very little meaning for the infection, the most important hbsag quant and genotype to see if peg is a good option

only vitamin d is very bad, only 32ng/ml, best to make it 90-100ng/ml or 250nmol/l

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if they tied hbsag quant with hbv genotype that might be the reason for delay, they usually wait for many requests to sum up so they avoid wasting pcr material
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Why vitamin d is bad? Mine say 80 mol/l when it should be over 50 mol/l
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I guess my confusion was the unit say mol/l is this same as nmol/l ? Also is it safe to start on 5000 iu or 10000 iu vitamin d?
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10.000iu of d3 is a perfect dose and fully natural dose with no need of special monitoring or diet.a good level for immune function is 100ng/ml

try to use labs with ng/ml, i guess other units are just used to confuse people

also monitor pth because we have a lot of interference and resistance on vit d pathways due to hbv, receptor polymorphisms or genetics.when vitd25oh is in the high range the pth must be in the low range of normal, if this does not happen it means cellular receptors are not receiving vit d in circulation and all the vit d is useless
in case of vit d resistance the levels of vitd25oh must be increased over 100ng/ml and no dairies diet and 2L of water needed
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