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Hello Everyone

Hi All,

Hope everyone is good... Sorry its been a while... Just trying to read up on posts etc... Still on Tenovir and trying to live healthy.... THis weekend, my liver area has been aching.... maybe its due to the cold i incurred on the thursday night, playing football in the cold wearing a t-shirt... Does anyone else's liver area ever feel swollen and if pressed, very sensitive?
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Hi Peteshine,

Have read that excessive sport is harmful to the liver.  Not sure if it applies to your case.

Many HBVers have reported pain or swollen sensation in the liver area sometime in their disease course.  Usually when they are better, they feel the sensation less.

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i felt it many times and that's due to inflamation of the liver that makes it bigger and it presses other surrounding organs

i felt it when i had alt flares, i have had normal alt most of the time but when they increased they went always to 1000 and more and after a couple of months returned to normal, in these periods i had this sensation for about 6 months and then disappered

it is the mix of necroinflammation and fibrosis the reason of what you feel but with norml alt for long periods both necroinflammation and fibrosis will reduce to very low or 0 and you will not feel it anymore
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My ALT (SGPT) is 41, what does it mean? Is my liver size is normal
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adding to my previous post, i do feel some pain time to time, what u say?
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