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Hello from Scotland

Just a quick hello to all the regulars and to all you newbies who have come on to this fantastic site for information. Hope everyone is doing well and health is good. I think about you all every day and pray for a cure for this virus. I know its can't be THAT far away!!!
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Hey you, our former Simpsons girl  :)  How has it been?

I been kinda busy with work and family.  Not much time to do much else.  But I still lurk to see what's going on.  

It's allergy season here in NYC.  Our mayor wants tree and it's kicking our butts.  The streets are a shade of pollen yellow.  Need rain.  Brit can you do something about that....send rain...lol
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Hey Britt! Good to hear from ya.

I'm basically in the same boat as Steven...busy w/ work, family and lurk here.

Same here with the pollen. The weather's been great, but what happened to April showers bring May flowers? I don't think it's rained one drop all month and we could use it to wet down some of this pollen.

Keep in touch.
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LOL...I just remembered...here we are complaining about pollen and Britt may be dealing with volcanic ash from the Iceland volcano. Hope the ash isn't too much of a problem in Scotland.
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Yes whilst I am soooooo sorry to hear about your sunny weather, we in Scotland have had snow up to our necks and now the rains. Although the last few days have been very nice and hot. Sorry too about the Pollen Steven, as I am a hayfeverer sufferer and pollen makes my life a misery each year.

Yup this volcanic thing has stopped nearly all flights. I have friends who are away in NZ for Easter and can't get back! I am sure they are really hating THAT!! Glad everyone is doing well...so glad. I keep my eye on the forum too Steven, pop in and out. I am so thankful each day now, for clearing this virus, because as you all know I was a nightmare with anxiety about not clearing it. But more thankful than anything, that I just so happened to stumble upon this forum and you bunch of wonderful people. Would never have got through that awful year without you all. I am getting on with my studies now and still working too! I know I keep saying it but cure cure cure....I pray every day for it!
Brit (Bart's friend)
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