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Hello from germany

I know since 97 that i have hbv i must get as a child.

in 2000 i hade dna pcr 38.000 geq/ml, gpt 79
Quistion is that the same like iu/ml?

In 2004 no hbv dna, gpt 80

2009 hbv dna 200 iu/ml, gpt 63, light fett liver

2010 hbv dna 20.000 iu/ml, gpt 60

the doc in germnay saye they is no treatment nesessary how is it in the us??
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According to http://www.aasld.org/practiceguidelines/Documents/Bookmarked%20Practice%20Guidelines/Chronic_Hep_B_Update_2009%208_24_2009.pdf

"If ALT > 1-2 times ULN, check serum HBV DNA level and exclude other causes of liver disease. Consider liver biopsy if ALT borderline or mildly elevated on serial tests or if HBV DNA persistently >2,000 IU/mL. Consider treatment if biopsy shows moderate/severe inflammation or significant fibrosis"

So... yes... an ultrasound and a biopsy.

I have not come across cases where both HBeAb and HBeAg are negative. I think there is a mistake. Can you write down your complete lab results explicitly?
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Thanks for your answer.

GPT in in germany is for male up 50 normal.
i think it is  difference how it is messured.
Sorry it was a mistake my dna is only 2000 iu/ml
HBs-Antigen and Anti-HBC is postitiv
the rest is negativ.
splenic and liver are a littel bigger
Should i do a biopsy?
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your GPT scores are fairly high. In Germany, GPT scores are also referred to as SGPT and ALAT. The english-speaking world usually refers to it as ALT, and less commonly, SGPT.

Your GPT (ALT) scores are fairly high. A healthy score person would score in the 20s or less. Most labs indicate that up to a score of 45-50 would be considered normal. Anyway, in your case, it has remained high for a long time. They should have tested for HBeAg and HBeAb by now. I think you should get other tests done, seeing that your ALT has remained high for a long time: ask for an ultrasound and/or liver biopsy. Doctors may tell you that genotype testing is necessary only if you are going for interferons because the other drugs work equally well for all genotypes. I would insist on this test to have a complete record of my current state.

I have no idea what geq/ml means - please check with your doctor or labs for this.

If you can read and understand english well, I recommend you read http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Hepatitis/HepB-Introduction--Welcome-Page/show/34?cid=153
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