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Help understanding the Blood Report

Hello.  I wanted to see if anyone could interpret the blood results listed below.  I am having hard time understanding what the Core Antibody means. My doctor said I have immunity but  I am still scared. Does this mean I have the virus and I will transmit to someone?

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody                  Reactive
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen                    Non-Reactive
Heptatis B Core AB Total                        Reactive

Please Help!. Thank You in Advance.
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you are not infected. hbsag -
Would you know why hep B core AB is reactive?
You had infection in the past, but you recovered from it. Now you have hbsAb which is great, you are protected.
When you say in past, is it before i got immunization?
Well, i guess it happened when you didn t had hbsab or problems with your immunity system. Searh on google about hbcAb.
Just a follow up on this, Can you have Hep B e antigen when your Hep B s AG is negative and Hep B AB is positive? I just got tested for the Hep B e antigen and antibody and I am really scared to see the results. Please help.
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Sice you have already cleared hbsag and developed the anti bodies hbsab, then it is almost 100% sure that you also have cleared hbeag by developing hbeab. From your blood test, it is most likely you were infected with hepB virus sometime in the past, but then luckily, your body cleared the infection. So, you have nothing to worry about this disease. You may check the quantity of your hbsab to see if it is above the protective level of 10IU. If it is below this level, may be you need to take hepB vaccination to boost your hbsab level.
Thank you. I have already taken 3 doses of the vaccination in the past. I was just worried about the Hep B envelop antigen and the viral load.  
If I have developed HBEAB can the virus be transmitted or reactivated?
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you are lucky you have immunity already and you don't have hepatitis b. Are you vaccinated or it was a past exposure to the virus.
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